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character profile for a main character.
Mae Amante
Three words describe her, angry, patient, healing.
She is a young but fully mature porusan - Agurian hybrid- a species with shapeshifting abilities and psychokinetic abilities. She is tall for a female humanoid. With green eyes and shoulder length blonde hair she is uncommonly beautiful.

She is slender but with womanly curves. Physically she is healthy as anything can get she's so healthy she can heal others. Her tears can cure illness and heal injuries. She also has the abilities to absorb physical and psychic attacks and turn the energies back on her attacker. She would most like to be ordinary. She wears casual American clothing. She has no real defining gestures save avoidance. She avoids being observed for what she is. She has a level, patient speech pattern.

She lives in a large apartment slash office in The Preserve she can also be found in a small broom closet when she is avoiding her responsibilities. She has lots of art on her walls most of it her own. Her shelves are filled with comic books she drew. The doors of her home are almost always open to those working under her. Her bedroom is the one exception it is her private space not even her husband enters. Instead she joins him in his when they have time for tenderness. She doesn't have time or inclination for a pet.

Things that make her happy include her friends, family and husband, basically the people in her life. She has a history of over a hundred years of solitude and enjoys being with the people of her choice. Her fondest memory is of rediscovering Sanctuary. Her dream vacation is to be totally free of responsibilities with her husband somewhere nice.

She specializes in turning adversaries’ strengths back on them. She is still insecure about her self-worth. She tends to walk into trouble head first but brains last. She is easily angered given the undercurrent of anger she has going on all the time. She is highly opinionated about the treatment of children. She is highly angry and can be violent usually she directs that violence to helping people when possible. People tend to like her talents and fear her anger. Poor treatment of children upsets her to the point of being her major pet peeve. She is afraid of what she is capable of when anger takes her.

Her displays of anger embarrass her. The best thing that ever happened to her was meeting her husband. The worst thing that ever happened to her was the time she spent in captivity being held by a vampire. Her deepest darkest secret is the true extent of her anger. She may never reveal this to anyone because she cannot even admit it to herself.
Her father is an experimental subject from a Tanerian attempt to turn Agurians into weapons. Her mother is porusan, she was nearly assaulted by her own father before escaping and meeting up with Mae's father.

Mae reads and writes comic books as a hobby. Her favorite bands are boy bands of earths early 21st century. She likes movies based on comic books, and science fiction TV shows. Her favorite books are comic books. She loves hamburgers and fries but rarely indulges. Overall she eats very little. She isn't into sports of any kind considering them a waste of time.

She is the political leader of the factors and the Preserve. She is sworn to protect the weak and correct the strong. She believes in god having faced off with the devil. She knows she'll never be able to do enough to earn her way into heaven and accepts Christ as the only way into heaven. She believes in bad luck but not in good.

More than anything she wants to not have to be responsible for others, but she fears what might happen if she gave up her position. Her greatest weakness is her anger though for the longest time she treated it as though it were her greatest strength.
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