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Rated: E · Fiction · Comedy · #2226685
Daily Flash Fiction
Save the World

I can’t believe what I just saw. The most amazing sights just happened outside. No one will believe this.

So I was sitting on my porch, minding my own business. It started as a beautiful day, sunny, blue sky, light breeze. Just the type of day perfect for sitting on the porch. In front of me was breakfast, two eggs and toast. Eggs sunny side up and toast dry. Hot tea. Perfect. I started to take a bite.

A red car pulled up. A man jumped out, ran to the porch, handed me an envelope, then got back in the car which raced down the street and out of sight.

I started to open the envelope as a blue buggy pulled by two horses skidded to a stop in front. Two men jump out. They ran around the buggy, then toss me a backpack. The two men jumped back in the buggy, continued down the street.

I remembered a rhyme, ‘one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…’ when a third person stopped, a teenager riding a skateboard. He hopped off, walked up to me.

“Hey, hi there! Anyone leave a backpack?”

“Why, yes, someone just gave me this one.” I hold out the pack just tossed to me.

He takes the pack and asks, “ Any messages for me?”

The young man looked innocent enough. I look at the envelope. On the front it’s addressed to: Innocent Young Male Teenager. Hmmmm. Must be for him.

“This might be for you.”

He took the envelope. “Thanks! Have a great day. You just saved the world.” He hopped on the skateboard, disappeared down the street. He was apparently on a secret mission.

My wonderful breakfast is now ruined. Congealed eggs, soggy toast, cold tea. But at least I saved the world.

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