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Being for real is different from being religious. Being for real is having integrity.
I almost got away this morning without writing something, but then a phrase ran through my mind and kept repeating itself.

Be for real!

Be for real in your dealings one with another.
Be for real when you pray and talk with God.
Be for real when you promise to pray for someone.
Be for real when you invite people into your life.
Be for real when seek to make a change in your life
Be for real with yourself!


How many times do you promise to pray for someone -- their health, their finances, their livelihood, their condition, etc., and then walk away to never remember again that promise until you see or hear from them?

How often do you go to God when you are in trouble and are desperate for relief and promise to change your life, and when He answers and things are good again those promises just go with the wind.

There are many times that we put ourselves out there even with ourselves, and quickly forget to be for real about our decisions. Did I say 'we?" I am famous for committing all of these errors in judgment or actions of the moment that go unanswered and unfulfilled.

I believe that if we as people practiced being for real in all of our dealings with ourselves and with each other, we would make a difference in our lives and in the world around us.

For many years I have quoted "Charity (love) begins at home, and I believe that sincerely, but I did not open up and dissect the sentence. Today, I know that charity demands that I be for real in all of my dealings with myself, my friends, and, yes, with my enemies. For if I truly love them in the way that God loves us, then that love demand that I speak truth at all times.

If I say that I am going to pray for you, then I am going to pray for you. If I promise to help you with your rent, then I am going to help you with your rent not looking for what you are going to do for me. I will be for real!

Will you be for real? You could and you can. The choice is yours.

Peace and blessings always.
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