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Air Force jets and signs in the sky.
“This is the F-22 turbo fighter,”
Jet Stuart said as he talked to the crews.
“It can write words in the air and do drawings;
  technical sky-write the Air Force can use.”

Meanwhile, Airman Volant in the hanger,
having just witnessed the turbo’s takeoff,
and overhearing a bit of Jet Stuart,
shook his gaunt head yet stopped short of a scoff.

(Air Force in exercise takes to the yonder;
  looping and diving the jets line the sky.
  Leaving behind a not so subtle message;
  Airman Volant felt a tear in his eye.)

Jet Stuart met with the Captains and Colonels;
he puffed a cigar which made him look sure.
Captain Advance patted Jet on the shoulder;
Jet said the message on high would endure.

Airman Volant grinned, excessive teeth showing;
sincere acknowledgement ran through his head.
I will give them credit rightly deserving;
rather than smirk, I will smile instead.

Watching those drawings in air was a pleasure;
Airman Volant understood in due course.
This exercise hoped to increase enlistment;
and its success was that two joined the force

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