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by Court
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This poem is dedicated to everyone (Both men and women.)
She was only nine-years-old.

When someone decided to hurt her.

The older woman stripped that little girl down.

Until she was completely naked.

Then handcuffed her to the bed.

Before grabbing a belt buckle.

And began hitting her with it.

When the beating was over with.

The nine year old was black and blue.

From head to toe.

She was still screaming in pain.

But the woman had no remorse.

And would continue to hit, if she cried and screamed.

Still handcuffed to the bed, the girl looked at her mother.

Who stood in front of the door, watching her own daughter get beaten.

She didn't even stop the other woman or called the cops.

But only stood there, arms crossed, listening to the pleas and cries

Coming from the little girl.

But nothing was done.....

Ten years later, the girl was nineteen-years-old.

Still had memories and nightmares about that day.

Even spoke to her mother about what had happened.

Her mother didn't remember that happening nor does she believe it.

But in that girl's eyes, she knew her mother remembered being in that room.

Watching the other woman, beating the life out of her child.

Not only did that happen to the young girl.

But only a few months ago, her step father decided to hurt her.

His hands going around her throat, until she couldn't breathe.

Shortly, he tried breaking her leg, so that she couldn't walk.

When she got the chance to get up, she ran toward the bathroom.

But she wasn't fast enough....

He jumped right on top of her and banged her head onto the floor.

Continuing to bang her head on the tile floor, till she blacked out.

Then he brought his fist to her face, giving her a few punches...until he was

Worn out and tired.

He left the bathroom....she was still crying and screaming.

Blood dripping down her face, from her lip being busted....

And she had big knots on her head, knowing she had a concussion.

She wasn't allowed to call the cops....nor go to the hospital.

Her mother wouldn't let her...she threatened to get her own child arrested.

If she spoke about what happened.

But no one would of believed her...her mother told everyone in the family.

That the girl had done it herself and everyone believed her.

And nothing was done or talked about anymore.

The nineteen-year-old, knew no one would ever believe her.

Even though she had pictures....but that didn't matter.

No one would ever believe her...…

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