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There's more to Amelia's birth than she thinks.
At the Royal Palace. Zac and Frederick are headed to the throne room.

Frederick: Oh, dear, I'm sure he found out we went missing.

Zac: You're overreacting. I have to hurry up because I have to go for a late-night horse ride.

Frederick looks at Zac in confusion.

Frederick: I didn't know you found a new hobby.

Zac: There's so much about me that you don't know. If he asks, you tell him I went for a stroll.

Frederick: Wait, what?

Zac runs away.

Frederick: Wha... Where are you going?! Zac!

Zac heads to the stables with a book in his hand and mounts on his horse. He heads out for the hills. Amelia arrives at the hills and she looks at the view of the sun setting and sighs. She then looks at the tattoo on her shoulder and sighs in despair.

Amelia's P.O.V

I never actually questioned where I came from, who I am or what my role is in this life and honestly, why even bother? It would lead me nowhere. Maybe my birth parents are dead or they wanted nothing to do with me. Anyways whatever the case was, I can't believe I suffer this way and I miss my father terribly...

Amelia softly sobs and suddenly, she feels a hand on the shoulder causing her to jump up to her feet and she pulls out the dagger, pointing it at the intruder. Zac looks at the dagger in complete horror as it is pointed to his face. She then recognizes him and slowly puts her dagger down.

Amelia: It's you.

Zac: Why do you have a dagger? Were you trying to kill me?

Amelia: I brought it just in case I was going to come across burglars or drunk men; The taverns get crazy at dusk and men get violent when drunk.

Zac: Were you crying?

Amelia quickly wipes her tears.

Amelia: No. Do you have the book?

Zac pulls out the book from his pocket and gives it to her. She smiles as she holds the book in her hands.

Amelia: Thank you.

Zac smiles at her. They both look into each other's eyes and Amelia smiles as she admires them. She then looks away and holds the book closer to her.

Amelia: I have to go. Thanks again for the book.

She turns around to leave but Zac holds her arm.

Zac: Can I at least know your name?

She turns back around to face him.

Amelia: I'm Amelia.

Zac: Nice to meet you, I'm Zac.

Amelia: The pleasure is mine, Zac.

Zac: And am I going to see you at the ball, Amelia?

Amelia shakes her head.

Amelia: I'm afraid not.

Amelia walks away, leaving Zac standing there alone. He watches her walk away until he loses sight of her. He then mounts on his horse and gallops away. Amelia reaches her home and closes the back door slowly. She quickly changes into her nightwear and sits next to the fire pit. Liza comes barging in.

Liza: Mother wants you to come to the ball with us.

Amelia: Really?

Liza laughs and throws her head back.

Liza: Don't think it's to have fun, sweetie. The royal family needs more servants for the event and Mother sent a letter saying you will work as a servant. I will be waltzing with the prince while you get to scrub floors in the kitchen. Isn't it amazing?

Amelia doesn't say anything. Liza scoffs.

Liza: Awn, poor you. You're sad because nobody loves you, not even your parents wanted you around. But it's okay you know why? Because you'll end up alone as always. Good night, sleep tight... and I hope the bed bugs bite.

With that, Liza slams the door closed. Amelia bursts into tears and buries her face in her hands. She lays down next to the fire pit and tears run down her face. She looks at the book Zac gave her. She picks it up and began to read.


Zac was in his bedroom, pacing back and forth as he thought of Amelia. He looks out the window as he sighs. Frederick comes into his room.

Frederick: How was Your Highness' "stroll"?

Zac: It was... interesting.

Frederick: Zachary Hamilton, I know you well enough to tell you that you didn't just "go for a stroll".

Zac scoffs

Zac: And how would you know?

Frederick: You went to see someone, didn't you?

Zac looks at Frederick, who is lifting an eyebrow and giving him a smirk.

Frederick: And judging by your surprised face, I would say you went to see... a DAME!

Zac quickly shuts Frederick's mouth.

Zac: Would you keep it down? They might hear you.

Zac opens the doors to verify there was no one out there and quietly closes the doors. He then turns to Frederick.

Zac: ... Did you follow me?

Frederick: So it WAS a dame?! By the way, I sent someone to.

Zac runs his hands through his hair.

Frederick: So... Do you mind telling me who this mysterious woman is?

Zac falls on his bed face up.

Zac: Only the most beautiful woman I have ever met.

Frederick: Oh?

Zac: Her hair is dark as night, her eyes are the most beautiful pair of hazel eyes I have ever seen; her lips are as soft as a rose petal. She was more beautiful than the sunset. Lucky is the man who sees her as a muse.

Frederick: And does this muse have a name?

Zac: (sighs) Amelia.

Frederick: Huh, interesting.

Zac: I wonder if I'll ever see her again...

Frederick: You'll see her at the ball.

Zac: She's not going.

Frederick: Why not?

Zac: I don't know.

Frederick: Maybe she'll change her mind. Who knows? The ball isn't until one week.

Zac sighs.

Zac: Frederick, I think I'm in love.

Frederick: I believe you are out of your mind. You know your parents wouldn't let you marry a lower class girl, right? and besides, barely know her!

Zac: You seem to be fond of Camille, yet you talk about me falling in love with Amelia?

Frederick: That's because I'm not royalty. And she is not poor.

Zac: No one cares if you're royalty or not. It doesn't matter if she is lower class or not; It's on the inside that it counts. There's a lot more to her ashy face that I'm still to discover. There is still a lot about her that I want to know. I will learn as much as I can about her and possibly make her mine.

Frederick falls on Zac's bed and falls asleep; Zac looks at him as he slowly closes his eyes and drifts off to sleep.


Amelia serves breakfast to Lauraine and Liza; Liza looks at Amelia and then at the food.

Liza: What is this?!

Amelia: What is what?

Liza: This tea is cold; I thought I made myself clear when I said I wanted my tea warm! I can't drink cold tea!

Amelia: Liza, the water just came out of the kettle.

Lauraine: Will you shut up?! She said the tea is cold; Go make her a new one!

Liza: It's okay, mother.

Liza takes the cup and gives Amelia.

Liza: Drink it.

Amelia: (confused) Pardon?

Liza: I said DRINK IT, STUPID!!

Amelia hesitates before reaching out to get the cup of tea. Just as she is about to get it, Liza spills the tea on Amelia's body.

Liza: Next time, you do as you are told.

Amelia softly sobs. Lauraine quickly stands up and slaps her across the face twice.

Lauraine: Shut your mouth before I lock you up in the attic. You're such a pathetic and good for nothing snob. Get out of my sight before I lose my temper on you; the sight of you makes me sick!

Amelia leaves the dining room and goes out to her father's grave with a rose in hand; She places it on the grave and begins crying hysterically.

Amelia: Why did you have to go? Why did you leave me here? Why didn't you take me with you? Why did death have to harvest your soul instead of mine? You know I would never disobey you, father. I did everything they wanted me to do, I tolerated their mockeries and their torture, I even tolerated the cruel jokes they made about my biological parents. So why do they hate me this much?

She looks up at the stone.

Amelia: I don't think there are any words to describe how much I miss you. I can't even mention your name without crying.

She hears a voice from behind her; She turns around to see a man standing there and he's much older than she is.

Man: Ah, there she is... my beautiful wife.

Amelia gasps.

Amelia: W-what are you talking about?

The man comes closer and pulls Amelia into his arms. He runs his finger through her hair and kisses her neck.

Man: Mm... so soft, just the way I like it.

Amelia: LET GO OFF ME!

Amelia tries to fight him off but he slaps her hard on the face and she falls to the floor.

Man: Don't try to fight me, sweetie. We'll have a lot of fun together, just you and me.

Amelia stands up and throws sand into the man's eyes and runs away.

Man: Why you little wh*re! Come back here!

Amelia runs faster as she feels the man's footsteps behind her. She runs into the thick forest and stumbles on a rock causing her to fall. She falls and she hears the man's sinister laugh behind her.

Man: Now, no one can bother us. We're gonna have so much fun.

Just as he was about to touch her, Someone grabs a huge stone from behind and smashes it against his head. The man falls unconscious and Amelia stands up to see Zac standing there.

Zac: Are you okay?

Amelia doesn't say anything; She runs into his arms and hugs him. He holds her tight and runs his hand through her hair.

Amelia: You saved my life.

Zac: Your leg is hurt; Let's get you out of here.

Zac carries her out of the forest. Once they got out of the forest, Zac puts her down.

Amelia: How did you know I was there?

Zac: I saw you running towards the forest and I saw that ogre running behind you.

Zac notices the bruises on her body and face.

Zac: Who did this to you?!

Amelia: It's nothing, I burnt myself while making tea for my mother this morning.

Zac stares into her eyes. She stares into his eyes and looks away.

Zac: Do you need me to take you to a doc...

Amelia: NO! I'm fine, I swear.

Zac: You're not fine, Amelia. I have to take you to...

Amelia gets angry.


Amelia shoves Zac and runs away in tears. She arrives home and slams the door behind her. Liza looks at her and laughs.

Liza: My, my, my. The pig is home.

Amelia glares at Liza.

Amelia: Leave me alone, Liza.

Liza notices the bruise on her neck and gasps

Liza: Amelia, you wh*re! You were with a man!

Amelia: I was attacked by one!

Liza laughs.

Liza: Yeah, right! No wonder your good for nothing parents threw you away. They knew you'd grow up to be a wh*re.

Amelia stands up

Amelia: Take back what you said right now!

Liza: What? That you're a wh*re?

Amelia: Stop it.

Liza: Wh*re!

Amelia: I said stop!

Liza: WH*RE!

Boiling with rage, Amelia slapped Liza in the face and pushed her down on the floor. She mounted on Liza and slapped her constantly.


Liza: AAA! Help! She's harassing me! HELP.

Lauraine comes in running and sees Amelia on Liza. She runs and pulls Amelia by her hair. Amelia cries.

Lauraine: What has gotten into you?! How dare you hit Liza?

Lauraine fixates her eyes on her neck and gasps in horror.

Liza: She was with a man, mother.

Lauraine: What?!

She looks at Amelia and slaps her hard across the face; Amelia falls down crying and Liza kicks her hard in the stomach. Lauraine beats her with a whip and pulls her by the hair; she glares at her with ice cold eyes.

Lauraine: You are nothing but a worthless, good for nothing, prostitute; No one will ever love a witch of your sort.

She pushes Amelia on the floor

Lauraine: Come along, Liza. We have to get our room ticket for the cruise.

Liza: Right behind you, mother.

They leave Amelia on the cold floor, completely beaten up and frail. She looks up at the roof and tears stream down her face; She coughs out blood and sighs in pain as she closes her eyes.

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