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A personal analysis of the reasons I write
Why do I write? That is a good question. I'm sure all writers have had to come to grips with the question. Maybe they think of it themselves or maybe they're asked it by someone else. I think it has to be one of the most common questions posed to someone who says they're a writer.

Not everyone who writes calls themselves a writer. A professional writer makes his or her living writing. At least, I've been told that. But then again, I think some writers are writers by default or part-time writers. I think of professors as being one example.

I used to say that I write because I have to get the words and ideas out of my system. Now, I feel like it's a lot harder to write. Not just because I'm trying to be more disciplined about my writing, but also because I'm no longer writing for myself. I wrote when I felt like it. Now, it sometimes feels forced. I'll try to get my creative juices flowing by just starting to write, but sometimes little comes. I also find myself thinking about my audience almost all the time...like I know this is going to be read somewhere. I used to not think that. It was strictly for me to read, even though someone, somewhere might read it. I also am thinking of writing for money. Something I never, ever did before. That is a terrible thing for me. It is the single most damaging thing for me to do regarding my creative process. The process shuts down and the negative drivers of my internal psyche kick in. They say, "this is not good enough, no one will like this, who will read this?...." and on and on and on. I'm not a JK Rowling or Stephen King, so why would anyone be interested in my writing. The truth is, who cares? I want to write because I feel like writing, because the stories are stuck in my system, just waiting to get out. That tis the place I need to get back to. I need to get back to my "happy place." That is where I feel most productive, the most creative, the most happiest. I love writing. And when I get to that place again, my writing will be better.
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