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No 2 : A sniper called the Grim Reaper②
#US Army Iraq Garrison Headquarters#

"When the time comes, I will solve it. Three people were killed today, and the number of victims has already exceeded 10 this month alone. What is the countermeasure?!"

In an office set up in a temporary tent, a middle-aged man with a lot of badges slams the report at his desk and screams.

"The whole area is in the territory of Grim Reaper. So if you don't kill him, the number of victims will continue to increase. So what's the failure today? But?"

My name is Natow.

The best sniper in Iraq's anti-government terrorist group, called by the enemy as Grimm Reaper.

However, neither the enemy nor allies know it.

That's because I'm still a child.

My appearance is different from Iraqi people.

Left and right eyes have different colors, silver hair, thin skin.

Raised by Iraqis called Yaza and Haifa, they are not real parents.

My parents died after a terrorist attack in Iraq.

Haifa discovered and raised me as a baby.

Haifa took care of me as a baby.

And she often read me books.

However, Haifa died in an American missile attack.

I was 5 years old.

My happy life broke down in a moment, and my life changed.

After that, Yaza entered the terrorist organization for revenge.

Since I was five, I grew up using guns as a toy since that day.

I practice guns every day.

From automatic rifles such as the AK-47 and M-16 to handguns such as the Beretta and Colt.

When I missed the target, I was yelled at by Yaza.

You get a reward when you defeat the enemy.

As a result, Yaza and I became sensitive to the smell of the battle and fought with the gun first.

The more you fight at the top, the more rewards you get.

I am in charge of supporting Yaza as it moves forward.

I hid in the shadows, observed the battlefield, and killed the enemy who was aiming at the Yaza.

Thanks to me, the Yaza survived.

And it was thanks to Yaza that I was alive.

In the battle of the town, Yaza was isolated and surrounded by 12 US troops.

A gun was shot from all sides, and the yaza yelled for help.

I jumped out of the building to help Yaza, ran and shot AK-47, killing 12 enemies in a blink of an eye and saving him.

At that time he was leaking urine.

Then, as usual, rob weapons and money from dead enemy soldiers.

Battle rewards and looting are our source of income.

Yaza is called "the devil's child" when he introduces me to his friends.

And now, he is called "Grim Reaper" by the enemy and comes with a bounty.

No one knows the "Grim Reaper" is me.

Neither the enemy nor the ally would think that the sniper who sniped and killed more than 100 people was a child.
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