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a modern fairy tale, a blessing, a prayer, for my grandchildren
Granny Scattergood

Granny Scattergood pulled on her gardening boots painted with butterflies and her 1930's vintage bib apron embroidered with butterflies and headed out to the small garden plot beside her small house. She had planted both native and non-native varieties guaranteed to attract the pollinators. The pollinators did come but there had been an additional bonus; Flower fairies! Granny had seen the fairies regularly as a child but not recently. Perhaps the disaster of Covid-19 had called them back again.

The night was heavy and humid, typical for an August night in Naples, Florida. Her garden was lit from street and door lights and the glow of August's full Green Corn moon. This month's moon was in the sign of Aquarius, the sign ruling peace, love, harmony. "May it be so," Granny muttered.

Her purpose tonight was to call the fairies of her garden plants, and to dedicate each plant to a grandchild and bestow the gifts of the plant to each child, just like the Good Fairies of Sleeping Beauty. "It's how I will bless this shattered world", she thought.

She called each fairy in turn. First the milkweed fairy for Kyler, the oldest. This fairy's wings are made of tears, the holy tears shed from happiness. For Kyler the gift of tenderness, not to be lost as he grows to maturity.

For Annabella, the bridal veil fairy, with wings made of moonlight so that all her creative dreams might come true.

Alliana's gift is from the sunflower fairy,with wings made of sunflower petals. Alliana is tall and lithe and may her face be always turned to the sun.

Jase's fairy is the tropical sage fairy whose wings are made of sage smoke. Smudging with sage clears all negativity, and for Jase may positivity be always with him.

Malachi's fairy is the passionflower fairy with wings of malachite dust. May he be gifted with unbridled passion to pursue all that he loves.

Chadrick's fairies are multiple. They are the multicolor fairies of the bougainvillea, with those neon colors that shimmer in thunderstorms. Their wings are made of laughter. Their wish is for Chaddy to carry the gift of laughter always with him.

Miss Treasure, of the red hair, her fairy is the red hibiscus fairy, with wings made of treasure maps. May she always be seeking the treasure within her soul.

And for the youngest, Xylas, the oleander fairy with wings made of mischief. For a child should always grow to an adult who knows good mischief.

And for herself and all the grandmothers, Granny Scattergood calls the Lady of Guadalupe rose fairy with wings made of mycelium.. May all the ancient knowledge be transmitted through the world.

Her intentions finished she turned to go but left gifts for the fairies and the earth devas, dark beer, Skittles, and shiny bits of jewelry.

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