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A poem celebrating the rainbows of the world.
What is a rainbow?
A rainbow is visible and shouldn't be hidden

A rainbow should never be ashamed of its color
That's what makes it beautiful

The sun, sky, and clouds
They're lovely in their own way

But a rainbow adds just a spark of magic
In an otherwise lonely sky

The sky is incomplete without one
Without rainbows, it's empty and boring

Bright clouds happily share the wide enough sky
But dark clouds seem so petty and jealous

For they can only wish to be so beautiful
Their jealousy brings out their anger

Dark clouds can cover up and hide the rainbows
But never destroy them

Only hide them for a short while,
Never truly gone

Clouds only go where the wind blows them
Rainbows appear any and everywhere

In a way, rainbows are the most free
And it's great to be a rainbow.
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