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Breaking of a new dawn is a brief writing on how far I have gone in the journey of life.
Started this walk oblivious of what lies ahead.
Helpless and dependable I was as an infant benefiting from the kindness and motherly love showered on me by my mother.
Also, enjoying the fatherly protection from my father.
As the sojourn continues, I had both smooth and rough days, sweet and bitter experiences and quite a good number of lessons learnt.
The man I have grown to be is a product of all these past experience.
It's another time of the year to open a new chapter in the pages of life for me. What lies ahead I know not. It's the breaking of a new dawn. I am a year older today. My past has prepared me for whatever challenges lies ahead for me. The lessons learnt gives me the wisdom to solve life's puzzles out there waiting for me.
I am confident of surmounting every mountain on this new quest. So help me God.
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