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by Sumojo
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2228408
Kate is in love but what is she not seeing?
Word count 500

         She opened the heavy pages and gave a sigh of pleasure. How she loved the smell of a new book. Barry had brought her the latest Steven King for her birthday, knowing she was a fan. The raised characters danced under her sensitive fingers as they traced the words.
         The accident, which had taken her sight when she was only three years old, was a vague memory for her, but for her brother Mike, was one for which he apologised often. He was the last person Kate would ever see after he sprayed oven cleaner in her eyes when he was only six years old.
“I’m so sorry, Kate! “ He told her many times.


         Gently, she rubbed her hands over Barry’s face. “You need a shave. Mum will think I’ve brought a derelict home to meet her.”
         “Gee, I didn’t think you’d notice. For someone who can’t see, you don’t miss a trick.” He smiled as he bent to kiss her.
         “How do I look” Kate asked. She was often unsure about her choice of clothes.
         “Perfect, as usual.”
         “Hurry up then, we’ll be late. Don’t forget, Mike’s going to be there to give you the once over,” she warned. “He’s very protective of his little sis,”


         “Hello, anyone home?” Kate called, going into her mother’s kitchen. “Something smells good.”
         “Hi Darling. Did you bring that mysterious man with you?”
         “Yes. He’s just getting something out of the car. I hope you all like him, Mum.”
         “I’m sure we shall. If you love him he must be okay.”
Kate hugged her mother. Taking her hand, she squeezed it. “He’s asked me to marry him,” she whispered.
Her mother returned the pressure, “Let’s go and have a look at this young man then.”

         “Barry, meet my mum, Sheila.”
         “Mrs Thurston, I’ve heard so much about you.” He handed her a bunch of flowers.
         “Oh, please call me Sheila, everyone else does. Are those beautiful flowers for me?” She smiled, taking them and smelling their fragrance. “I’ll pop them in some water. Kate, take Barry out to meet your brother and your Dad, they’ve just come home from work. They’re in the shed.”

         Kate took her boyfriend’s arm. “Come on, let’s get the rest of the introductions over and then you can relax.” They entered the shed. The two men were peering under the open hood of an old car. Both turned to greet their visitors.
         ”Dad, Mike, let me introduce…..”
         “Don’t bother Kate, we know who this man is.” Mike glared at Barry, whose face paled at the sight of the two men in police uniform.
         “I don’t understand. What’s going on?” Kate spluttered, picking up the tense atmosphere.
         “Kate, let me introduce you to Brian Crooks, although he has several aliases. We’ve been after him for months. He’s wanted for fraud, extortion and bigamy. His face has been all over the news lately.” Mike grabbed Barry’s arm before putting him in handcuffs.”I’m so sorry, Kate.” Mike almost cried.


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