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No4 Showdown with the strongest enemy Sniper ①

You know the caliber of the gun from how the boy was shot, the angle of the firing point at the place where it was struck, and the distance from the shot.

Quietly leave to find the best shooting location.

The enemy's sniper shot a boy, and he was able to grasp the rough gun type.

I immediately knew that the sniper rifle was not an M82, which was good for me.

If the M82's 12.7mm bullet was shot, the boy's head would have been scattered like a watermelon.

Known as Barrett, this gun has an effective range of about 2000 meters.

Moreover, depending on the distance, it has the power to easily penetrate through thin bricks, so if the location is hidden behind a building and the location is known, it will be mercilessly attacked by bullets.

You can't protect yourself from the M82's bullets unless you have a very sturdy outer wall.

In addition, thin walls coated only with bad concrete are desperate, such as in residential areas in central .

It is not the opponent who can play against the AK-47 I brought.

The soft child's head preparation was fine for Yaza.

It was easy to understand whether it was 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm.

The 5.56mm bullet that was developed for the purpose of robbing the power by carrying the number of bullets carried on the battlefield and by injuring the opponent rather than killing the opponent has little damage and high penetration.

Therefore, even if I hit the head of a soft boy, only blood splashed.

Since the 7.62 mm bullet has a large destructive power, it is likely that bone fragments and eyeballs also jumped out due to pressure.

Once you know the enemy information, the next step is to find shooting points.

It's easy to find a sniper if I'm in front of the enemy, but it's just as easy for an enemy to find me.

An enemy soldier cannot be a sniper sniper alone.

In most cases, guards with binoculars stand next to each other to protect the blind spot.

Snipers and guards line the target, so you'll need to shoot through wide windows, openings, fences, etc.

I headed to the building with a good view on the right hand side.

Ordinary snipers do not take such bold positions and actions.

But fortunately, I'm a child.

I don't think a child is a sniper even if he's an enemy.

You can look for it from the window of a building in good condition, overlooking the surrounding dead bodies on the street.

I broke a page in a book in the room where I had invaded, folded the plane, and flew it through the window.

I'm not playing.

No matter how much you look like a child, there is a possibility that you will be shot if you are looking outright.

In fact, the enemy is shooting a child trying to pick up his bag.

And it's all the more because we have many children.

Find a target while flying a paper airplane.

First, I looked at the ground.

There should have been at least 6 enemy snipers on the ground from bullet marks on the ground.

But of the six enemy snipers, the one that stands out is definitely what I'm looking for.

No one else can decide to shoot the child.

Only the top sniper can shoot.
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