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Romance is very important for the soul, in my heart you will find it.
In the darkness of pain
Comes the cool summer's rain
Love will prevail, romancing entail
The stars will shine from time to time
Giving me hope for all that is mine
I seek for the romance, the love and thrill
Give me your heart, for the love I will spill
The bosom of night gives way for the sight
Of lovers entwined with soul riching might
Romancing the night where love has a plight
See me sitting here without word of fight.

I will seek the romance to give at dawn
I will seek the lovers voice that is once more torn
In the water and alone at sea
I remember the love that came to me
I wish upon stars that haven't died
I wipe my tears for the pain I cried
I see that you're seeking, as I do too
There is room in my soul for me and you
Tomorrow is coming and a new dawn will arise
Waiting for something to come and surprise
Romancing the heavens stays deep in my eyes.
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