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by 0001
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Casey decides, since this is vacation and the resort is all inclusive, that she can gorge.
Casey left her room in a swimsuit with a towel and grabbed a sun lounger by the nearest pool. As she sat down, she started to smell something, just a faint but delicious aroma on the edge of her senses. Her stomach grumbled a little. Apparently she wasn't too full for a little snack. Glancing round, she discovered it. A large, wooden hut with signs advertising a menu of burgers, fries, hotdogs, pizzas, and more. Not exactly health food...

"Ah, what the heck," Casey told herself, wandering back to her towel with a burger in one hand and a tray fries, balancing a large slice of four cheese pizza on top, in the other. "I'm on vacation!"

Sitting down carefully, to not spill anything, Casey laid down her bounty of fries and ploughed through the burger, which was actually delicious! As soon as she finished it, she was sorry she hadn't asked for two. But she tried to soothe that feeling with her slice of pizza. Oh, man, it was delicious, too. A minute later, she'd already finished her amazing slice of pizza and she was starting to feel like she should have grabbed two burgers anyway, *and* two slices. She tried to soothe that feeling with a handful of fries.

Oh, man... Even the fries were amazing! These fries were fantastic. She was being so spoiled. Ah, fuck it. This was a holiday, and an all inclusive, right? It was what she was here for. If all the food here was this good, she was really going to enjoy this. Although, she rubbed her stuffed stomach, she was starting to feel too full. She'd planned to have a swim, but it was probably a bad idea after snacks. She'd have to have a nap first. Yeah, just a snooze under this parasol, for now...

Casey had been hit harder by the exhaustion of getting there than she'd thought she was. By the time she woke back up from her "little snooze", hours later, her stomach was no longer stuffed but grumbling and a little hungry. No wonder, she supposed, seeing how far the sun had moved. It must be about dinnertime already.

Taking her towel back to her room and getting dressed for eating out, Casey drank a few cans of cold soda from her fridge. Seeing the extensive snacks on offer in there, and a large menu of options for the room service, she strongly considered simply staying in her room for the night and eating from those. But she wanted to eat out and to check what the restaurant was like.

Chapter 3a - Casey gluts herself for two months!
Chapter 3b - Casey is even more lazy and gluttonous...

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