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A person's internal struggle on his/her mental health.
Mental Mess

The lever is pulled
The door opens
I enter a wailing sanctuary
Somehow I thought

Some true, some not
Played events and casts
Monologues and dialogues
Wait for your turn my lass

The queue is long
Whispers and moving doors
Cold air and several people
"Lass?" my name was called

"It's the final act so play it well."
Told that to myself to toughen up
After all, words can't kill you
It can't harm your mass

Knocking the door meets a friendly greet
Giving a nice reply offers a seat
Talks about stuff and asks me
All sort of personal things, all necessary

It was flawless I noticed
It was a smooth talk
But I noticed something
This, sometimes I hate them for

Both my mind and heart agree
It's the same again
It's something I can't stop or control
An ability too much to bear

Because of it I sought
Ways to make it dense
One more time to live
One more time to regret

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