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My draft of a synopsis for my epic fantasy novel 'King of the House Elves.'
Aira is a brownie servant girl, a small house elf, who secretly does chores in a human castle. Like all brownies, she is cursed by the sídhe, the most powerful faerie race, to serve others in order to survive. Aira dreams of a life of peace and freedom for her kind. Yet the brownies live a broken existence since Velmoran, their ancestral coastal kingdom, was seized by a kraken, Krysila. Krysila desired Velmoran's greatest treasure: the fruit of the Tree of Life that grants immortality.

Krysila is not the only one wanting the fruit. The evil sídhe king, Midhir, threatens to enslave Aira's childhood friend Boroden unless he reveals where it is hidden. Aira is overjoyed to briefly encounter Boroden again as he escapes from the furious Midhir. Boroden has become King of the House Elves as his father, Mazgrim, is assumed dead. To Aira's astonishment, Mazgrim appears to ask her father, Airen, to forge a magical sword capable of slaying an immortal like Krysila. Airen has a vision of Aira fighting Krysila and hides the sword from Mazgrim. Midhir's soldiers suspect that Airen helped Boroden escape and kill him.

Ogres attack the cottage where Aira takes refuge, injuring her as she fights back. She is overjoyed as Boroden appears and helps her. He and his friends are chasing the ogres from a forest where they want to found a new brownie kingdom. They need the blessing of the sídhe to settle there, and Aira joins their journey to the Seelie Court that governs faeries. The treacherous terrain and attacks from monsters in league with Krysila test Aira's courage to the limit.

Aira's dreams are shattered at the Seelie Court. Midhir has returned the brownies' new homeland to the ogres. As Midhir threatens to enslave her clan, Aira bargains with him to allow them retake Velmoran if they defeat Krysila. She knows she is destined to face Krysila, despite anyone who slays an immortal being cursed to die. Boroden refuses to let her fight Krysila, believing it is his responsibility to lay down his life for the clan.

Aira hopes they have found an alternative sanctuary with a kindly group of dryads. To her dismay Boroden and her friends head to Velmoran, leaving her helping the dryads. Little do they know that Midhir conspires with Krysila to attain the fruit of the Tree of Life. Aira's friends are walking into their trap.


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