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dialog between the internal voice of a dog and its owner
“Arie, Arie! Dogface, where are you?”

I am not telling, boss woman, I am not telling

“Arie, c'mon, I don’t have all day!”

I am busy

“Where is that damned dog?”

I am busy peeing

“Now! It’s not funny, you hear?!”

Is that an anxious voice?

“Arie! Arie!”

Yes, that’s an anxious voice

“Where are you lovely?”


“Where are you, boy!”

She is changing her tune

“I can’t find you, yoohoo.”

It’s a game, it must be a game

“I am going home without you.”

I wanna play

“Okay, enough is enough!!”

Here I am, boss woman

“Ah, there you are.”

We play, play?

“Do you want to play?”

Yes, yes

“Let’s go home then.”

Okay, boss woman…home!

“Good dog.”


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