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Entry for August 2020 Dialogue 500 Contest
-"What have I done, Where do I go from here?"
"Cody, whats going on? you've been quiet, everything good?"

-"I'm OK, It's just a long walk"

"Sure is, Long walk but well worth it"

-"He doesn't know, he should know, but, he doesn't know.
-"Thanks for walking with me."

"My pleasure buddy, you would walk with me anyway"

-"If needed I sure would. Brad, let me ask you a question. With everything going on, would you wear a mask?"

"I mean, we all are at risk, but no, I probably still wouldn't. President says the COVID will go away soon. No need to worry"

-"Sure, but with everything were doing, doesn't change your mind?"

"Not really, President says were in good shape, says it will be gone soon. With the hot air."

-"Sure, but its already hot. he doesn't even recognize the signs. doesn't recognize the symptoms, doesn't recognize the urgency."
-"Were almost there."

"Cody, I'm so sorry my friend. I really wish things were different. Damn is this really five now?"

-"Brad, I have something to tell you. I don't know how to say it. I feel so much guilt."
"What is it friend?"

-"I cant tell him, he wont believe me anyway. Hell, he already said he wont wear a mask."
-"I have secrets no one knows. I have secrets that you'll never believe."

"What is it buddy? Want a smoke? We got a little time, its heavy but, we got time."

-"Sure, I guess Ill take one. I just need to tell you, I'm responsible for this. I did all of this."
-"How the hell is he going to take me seriously, he should, he sees the aftermath."

"Cody, you cant blame yourself friend, you know this thing has been going around. Nothing we can do."

-"I have to tell him, this is five, everyone now. nothing I can do now"
-"I'm responsible for all this. I cant do it anymore Brad. I'm done man. I cant live like this."

"Don't blame yourself bro, its not your sins they are paying for man."

-"Its me Brad, I'm the one. I'm the one with COVID. I'm the one."

"No man, impossible, President says we'll be at zero by the months end. You couldn't have."

-"Brad, listen to me man. I did this. Why do you think were out here? I mean this makes five. Lesley is just the next. Lesley is the last. just me left now."

"I don't know, what do you want me to say."

-"Say you'll wear a mask, say you'll tell everyone to wear a mask. Say you'll tell everyone what happened to me and my family."

"You? you did this? Were burying your wife because of you? that's what you think?"

-"Brad, we just buried my kids over the last few weeks. Were burying my wife, my last love, my last everything. Were here because of me. Because I have COVID, because I gave it to them, I killed my whole family."

Word Count: 500
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