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Reflections on my transition out of middle age to the next stage of my life.
A Season of Grace

In this season of grace,
a time of giving thanks --
while winter exhales afresh
and tender snowflakes fall
blessing trees shedding their leafy mantles,
my heart and mind reflect.

Time slows and soothes calmly.
Summer's heated passion
banks, the fire cleansed of all dross
leaving warmth from the gold
that remains, the purified true essence --
abiding love for you.

As the Earth lives and breathes
at the Master's desire,
with fruitful joy and sadness
my life too has seasons
of fallow Winter and Spring's sweet delights,
all proving His great love.

Like the rings of a tree,
the memory and wisdom
of seasons past, of true love --
embedded within me,
a testament of strength for times to come.

As Winter heralds rest,
I shed Spring's sweet promise
knowing soon, His call to life
will revive me to growth.
Let the snow fall. I yield these leaves assured --
He brings a new season.

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