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Girls are our best friends, please love and always be a joy that girls can succeed!

As a strong person we need to teach our daughters the best, girls like best friends are the kid everyone wants.

First, the mother needs to teach her children how to live well, how to be human

The second, is to share

Third, Must become an independent girl

Fourth, is the value of smiles and compliments

Fifth, is visionary

From an early age, you should build the thought of children, especially girls, that appearance is not the most important factor determining one's worth, but it is proved by what. that we do. Paying too much attention to appearance is not what a child should aim for. Babies should set goals in life and then work hard to achieve them. Human values are not reflected in the clothes they wear, but in the things they strive hard to achieve in life. Praise and help them develop good qualities such as integrity, determination, problem solving ability, and kindness, not their appearance or physical characteristics.

Spend a lot of time inside your child figuring out things they enjoy doing and are capable of doing well. When they do things that they are good at or like, they will feel confident and do better. Helping your baby is also suggested as personal strengths that can assist your baby in determining the right direction. This also helps to keep the child's information on his or her own abilities fixed. Encourage your daughter to join school clubs, gifted classes such as sports, musical instruments, painting ... Parents don't frame them with gender choices like flowers, sewing. Allows your child to explore everything he likes. Give your daughter wings and see how high she can fly.

Please love girls like myself! Good luck

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