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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Comedy · #2229913
I have a very crafty friend I call Di. But she is a bit of a crier at times that are funny
For the most part my friend Di has a very good life with family and friends. But, on occasion if there is a reason to cry she will. I admit I have a good cry now and then when things get too sad or hurt too much. Yet, my friend cries over things that I don't for whatever reason I don't know for sure but I think she with faculty and very bright. But, when I try to cheer her up she cries even more--it is a passing thing with her.

When I first met Di her husband was bear hunting in the woods in the UP. She was carrying on about his sportsmanship with guns and bears while crying all the while for his safety. I understand how she might be concerned about the wilderness and wildlife of bear hunting. After all, she displays a huge black bear rug in her living room which is scary looking with huge claws and teeth as his catch. She would be sad until he arrived home safely.

Then, on another occasion my friend Di on the phone was explaining the soap opera situation of All My Children while crying her eyes out. It was not real yet it was with great sadness of the storyline. It happened to be my favorite soap opera also. It would always leave me hanging and I got hooked on it too. She would go in detail about the characters sad situation that I can't remember from back when it was on the air.

And, on a sadder note it was another crying spell for Di when her husband would talk to the terrible next door woman across the back yard fence. For some reason the neighbor lady got on the wrong side of Di, although I thought Di was friendly to most. I was all the while trying to understand the situation that completely got out of control and Di cried out.

Finally, Di's husband quit bear hunting sport. It made Di very pleased that she would not have to endure another season of bear hunting alone. And, you know that bear rug in their living room? It caught fleas and had to be removed from the room to the garage. They both were done with bears inside and out. The bear rug was removed when it caught fleas from their house cat. That's a bug in the rug for sure.

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