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The Story of Storytelling Rodents
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25 Lines

Revenge of Squirrels

Chasing, climbing, jumping down,
squirrels dance in yards,
in fields, even towns
fence line stories of their rodent lore,
facing life, whatever remains, what for?

Chittering, frittering days away
squirrels gossip on smart phones
making quite the play
writing news about the nuts they seek,
endless roaming, running every week

Retaliate for imagined wrongs,
blocking, twisting, emerging strong
as long as they can stay a team,
their tiny aim lingers
blowing off vermin steam

So proud of victory over time,
not seeing that truth turns on a mercury dime
They are viewed by one emerging hand
Not important now,
the way things stand

Some day the damage they've callously chewed and done
will be revealed by one morning's sun
Until then they prance,
while fate is sealed
Dance is over at last, their lies revealed
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