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this will be a continued serious i will be writing, read for more info
this serious i will write can be summed up by the question, what if almost every duelist was thrown in the same room and forced to have a battle royal?, well i guess this is a very large room but still, almost every duelist from every yu-gi-oh serious will be here, so throw an idea at me, this will go on for a while, and i have no clue who i will make win this thing, i also might have a very brief explanation of how the characters start their duel. also this battle royal is bending space and time so almost any duel can happen, for example, astral and yuma will both have utopia in their decks some how, and all of the yu-boys will be having their own body, stuff like that, so as i said, almost any duel can happen. also first turn draw is a rule for everybody in this, even people from yu-gi-oh vrains. also the rule of numbers can only be destroyed by other numbers is removed

duelist battle royal part 1
familiar faces, not so familiar people

Jaden finds aster phoenix (the arc-v version) but is confused why aster doesn't know him, Yusei is having the same issue with jack (again his arc-v version) and yuma having the same problem with kite (and once more arc-v version), so they all decide to duel the person that seems to not remember them to see if they can snap some sense into them (it won't work because if a person is defeated they will be eliminated, i might make them return so it will explain a certain thing that will happen in this duel), they all shout 'lets duel' at the same time and all start their duel at the same time (there might be a weird thing with me changing from duel to duel so sorry for any confusion)

Jaden vs aster
aster draws and he summons Destiny HERO - Drill dark (llvl 4 ATK 1600 DEF 1200), he then uses the spell D-Pressure to summon Destiny HERO - Decider from his hand in attack mode (lvl 4 ATK 1600 DEF 1000), aster ends his turn with setting 1 card.
jaden hand 5, lp 4000
aster hand 2, lp 4000

Yusei vs jack
jack draws and he normal summons red resonator (lvl 2 ATK 600 DEF 200) and with the effect of red warg (lvl 6 ATK 1400 DEF 2200) in his hand he can summon it to the field by halving its attack, he then synchro summons Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend (lvl 8 ATK 3000 DEF 2500), he ends his turn with setting 1 card.
Yusei hand 5, lp 4000
jack hand 3, lp 4000

Yuma vs kite
kite draws and he normal summons cipher wing (lvl 4 ATK 1400 DEF 1200), he then specail summons 2 more cipher wings from his hand since he controls a cipher wing, he then uses the effect of the first cipher wing to tribute itself to raise the level of his other 2 cipher wings by 4, he overlays his 2 cipher wings to xyz summon galaxy eyes cipher dragon (rank 8 ATK 3000 DEF 2500 oru 2), kite ends his turn with setting 1 card.
yuma hand 5, lp 4000
kite hand 2, lp 4000

Jaden vs aster
jaden draws and plays the spell double fusion by paying 500 life points to fuse twice this turn, so he fuses Elemental Hero Burstinatrix and Elemental Hero Avian to summon Elemental Hero Flame Wingman (lvl 6 ATK 2100 DEF 1200), he then fuses his Elemental Hero Sparkman with flame wingman to summon Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman (lvl 8 ATK 2500 DEF 2100) and it gains 1200 attack since he has 4 hero's in his grave, so shining flare wingman has 3700 attack currently, flare wingman attack drill dark but aster uses his face down D-Fusion letting him fuse his 2 hero's to summon Destiny HERO - Dystopia (lvl 8 ATK 2800 DEF 2400) and with its effect he can deal jaden damage equal to the attack fo drill dark, so jaden takes 1600 damage, a replay triggers so jaden attacks dystopia but the other effect of D-fusion stops dystopia being destroyed but aster still takes 900 damage, jaden ends his turn with 1 face down card.
jaden hand 2, lp 1900
aster hand 2, lp 3100

aster draws and he equips dystopia with D-Dragging Hammer and discards his Destiny HERO - Dynatag to make dystopia lose 1000 and since dystopia had its attack changed it can destroy jaden's flare wingman, dystopia then attacks jaden directly making jaden have 100 life points, aster ends his turn.
jaden hand 2, lp 100
aster hand 1, lp 3100

Yusei draws and he uses the effect of Quickdraw Synchron (lvl 5 ATK 700 DEF 1400) by discarding Quillbolt Hedgehog from his hand to summon itself to the field, he then uses the effect of his hedgehog (lvl 2 ATK 800 DEF 800) in the grave to revive itself since he controls a tuner monster, he then tunes his quickdraw synchron and his hedgehog to synchro summon nitro warrior (lvl 8 ATK 2800 DEF 1800), he then equips it with junk barrage, now nitro warrior gains 1000 attack for this turn, and when it destroys something in battle jack takes damage equal to half the destroyed monsters attack, nitro warrior attacks scarlight but jack uses the face down red gem to stop his dragon being destroyed this turn, but he still takes damage, yusei ends his turn with setting 2 cards and the attack power of nitro warrior returns to normal.
Yusei hand 1, lp 4000
jack hand 3, lp 3200

jack draws and he activates the ability of his red dragon to destroy nitro warrior and deal Yusei 500 damage, scarlight then attacks Yusei directly and deals 3000 damage, jack ends his turn with setting 1 card
yusei hand 3, lp 500
jack hand 3, lp 3200

Yuma vs kite
yum adraws and he normal summons gagaga magician (lvl 4 ATK 1500 DEF 1000) and with the effect of Kagetokage thats in his hand he can summon kagetokage (lvl 4 ATK 1100 DEF 1500) to the field, he then overlays them to xyz summon number 39: utopia (rank 4 ATK 2500 DEF 2000 oru 2) yuma then attacks cipher dragon with utopia and yuma uses the ability to negate its own attack but yuma uses the spell double or nothing to double the attack of utopia so it's attack is doubled and it can attack once more so utopia attacks cipher dragon but kite uses the trap cipher bit to stop cipher dragon from being destroyed but he still takes 2000 damage and he can attach cipher bit to cipher dragon as an overlay unit making it have 3 overlay units, yuma ends his turn with setting 1 card.
yuma hand 2, lp 4000
kite hand 2, lp 2000

kite draws and he uses the ability of his cipher dragon to take control of utopia and make utopia a cipher dragon but utopia can't attack directly this turn, he then activates the spell cipher interference and attacks yuma directly and with the effect of cipher interference cipher dragon has its attack power doubled to 6000 for this battle, yuma uses his face down half unbreak to halve the damage he takes, kite ends his turn and utopia returns to yuma's field.
yuma hand 2, lp 1000
kite hand 2, lp 1000

jaden vs aster
jaden draws and he then uses graceful charity to draw 3 cards and discard 2, he then uses monster to revive the Elemental Hero Neos (lvl 7 ATK 2500 DEF 2000) he discarded, he then normal summons Neo-Spacian Grand Mole (lvl 3 ATK 900 DEF 300), he then fuses grand mole and neos without polymization to fusion summon Elemental Hero Grand Neos (lvl 7 ATK 2500 DEF 2000), he then uses the effect of grand neos to return dystopia to aster's extra deck, he then plays e-emergency call to add bubble man from his deck to his hand, he then special summons bubble man (lvl 4 ATK 800 DEF 1200) since he controls no other cards in his hand, both of his monsters attacks aster's life points directly and finish's him off, eliminating aster from the battle royal.

Yusei vs jack
yusei draws and he activates the spell Cards of Consonance to discard turbo synchron to draw 2 cards, he then uses the face down Descending Lost Star to revive nitro warrior and lower its level by 1, he then normal summons Road Synchron (lvl 4 ATK 1600 DEF 800), he then tunes road synchron with nitro warrior to synchro summon Stardust Dragon (lvl 8 ATK 2500 DEF 2000), he then uses the face down graceful revival to revive turbo synchron (lvl 1 ATK 100 DEF 500), he then special summons turbo booster (lvl 1 ATK 0 DEF 0) from his hand since he normal summoned this turn, he then synchro summons using turbo synchron and turbo booster to summon formula synchron (lvl 2 ATK 200 DEF 1500), he then uses the effect of formula synchron to draw 1 card, he then synchro summons Shooting Star Dragon (lvl 10 ATK 3300 DEF 2500), he then uses the effect of shooting star dragon to reveal the top 5 cards of his deck, the revealed cards are hyper synchron, junk synchron, miracle wake, debris dragon and nitro synchron, which lets shooting star dragon attack 4 times this turn, shoot star dragon attacks scarlight but jack uses the face down King Scarlet to stop his dragon being destroyed in that battle and he gets to summon a token in defence mode but he still takes damage, yusei then attacks scarlight again to make jack have 2600 life points left, shooting star dragon attacks the token and then attacks jack directly for game, eliminating jack from the the battle royal.

yuma vs kite
yuma draws and he uses utopia to xyz summon Number C39: Utopia Ray (rank 4 ATK 2500 DEF 2000 oru 2), he then uses the ability of utopia ray detaching both of its overlay units to make itself gain 1000 attack and cipher dragon lose 2000 attack, so utopia ray has 3500 attack and cipher dragon has 1000, utopia attacks cipher dragon for game and he eliminates kite from the battle royal.

yuto and shay find that yuma has defeated kite and they prepare to duel him one a 2 v 1 but astral shows up and makes it a 2 v 2, whilst mizar is walking around trying to find his friends he runs into kaiba and they start a duel between dragons.
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