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A mini vacation, immensely helping me find my muse again. 12 syl per line, ABAB
Most the family is down swimming at the dock.

No thought of the hustle, and no thought of a clock.

Alone at the cabin, sitting out on the deck.

With a beer and pen in hand, having fun as heck.

It's rather nice writing down this personal verse.

Getting together here now, to forget the worst.

Taking in the scenes of green treetops and fresh air.

Table Rock Lake helps one relax without a care.

The gentle rain on both mornings feeding my muse.

Creating spectacular pure and wondrous views.

Light rain glancing off leaves, thunder rolling for miles.

The grandeur of greenery brings us all broad smiles.

Gray squirrels and skinks seeking refuge from the rain.

We head inside the cabin for a brief refrain.

A quick lunch then down to cool water in the lake.

Watching folks revel in fun, glad we could partake.
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