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Following and feeling intuition and energies
the wisdom of a Spirit in travel:... Far from social Walks

I have traveled;... I have been graveled
I have been across snowy, sparkly peaks
I have roamed dark, quiet streets... [in cold sight searches for food

i have grown;... I have been homeless
i drove (and continue too) for the darkest harshest, brightest light, of world energies
within my own soul

My intuition screamed... for Colorado (Rockies)
And I followed it... and when I got there, I went next where my immediate instincts and land energies spoke best

During the months that followed, from 8/13/2019 through the turnover to 11/2019, I listened to myself so deeply: - more deeply than I was aware at the time: - and feeling where I was... I unintentionally opened what I'm pretty certain was my Solar Plexus Chakra, because yellow is what I saw simultaneously between the fronts of my eyes: the color associated with that Chakra.

Why that one was activated to such an extent first,.. I don't yet completely know:... but my guess, my connection, is because I was answering... living... my true Calling's:... an adventravel writer...

My third eye and crown started opening a year before this, but definitely deepened to much finer tuning when I was out there.

In the midst of all this through the events that followed I started becoming something of a Shaman.
I dug so deep inside myself... listening... feeling... land and world energies... I believe I achieved a level of oneness:... and I unknowingly gained great mind breaking access to the Spirit Realm;... and slowly awoke multiple personalities... which I speak of in "a grim spec of schizophrenia....."

So... this may get a little choppy and scattered, because I can't completely talk about one part without mentioning another; but it's at least as much about simply sharing this strange, deep (and interesting), and hard experience, for the sake of getting discussive thoughts/feedback, as it is about me trying to tell part of the story smoothly as a writer;... with the hope of helping others who might be struggling with those conditions; and others who have experienced and understand the spiritual and energies part of this. ... ... This is about the connections between the two; and the story as a whole about my understanding(s) of 'why' I followed the intuitive feeling of going to Colorado: what I learned: what I found. ... ...

So a couple months after my time in the mountains, when ended up rummaging the streets for food for a few weeks, I was quite delusional in many ways for a while; and for a time I was tormented and screwed with by my spirit guide's... *[messed with my head constantly. Although I think a large part of the reason for this was to keep other personalities from taking over the driver seat (for too long):... there was stupidity and bad habits.

I hope this is all making some sense. So much happened there. I knew I was going to have great deal of personal growth: 'soul searching'. And what (else) do the spirit guide's have to do with this?:... ... well, I believe they can see possible futures a lot like Dr. Strange, and assist with intuitive vibes, to help me - and others - make good decisions for changes I'm trying to make in this world. Changes I cannot make without experiencing what I did:... and messages I am trying to represent by how I'm trying to live my life;... and that's a testing clue of who I believe is one of my guide's.

I believe another part of my CO experience was another phase of my journey through The Dark Night of the Soul.

It is quite mind and intellect flabbergasting, the universal powers, energies, mysteries - whatever you want to call it - what l follow: what we can do and become when we work our gifts.

I think that satisfactorily concludes this part, but I'll mention another big chapter of the whole story (of soul and energies) and it rhymes heavily with Twin Flame.

Namaste ~ Lily 'Pad' Wilder (Alias)
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