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Oh the sorrow nothing to borrow beg or steal
Weather toyed home destroyed sadness I feel
As it stood the neighborhood now strewn about
Survivers kissing to others missing I cry and shout
What will be I cannot see any way ahead
To this sum I'm blind and numb far the spoils spread
While I sift my thoughts drift as if in waking dreams
The things I find not in mind nor memory it seems

A distant murmur in a fervor of a panicked sound
I froze upright at the sight of a tornado inbound
No words to say nor prayer to pray left inside of me
Still breath awaiting death by wind-whipped debris
The slapping sting of tiny things striking at my skin
Against the force of wind course a strength from within
Planks of wood flit close I stood nails pipe and glass
With open eyes I then surmise the tempest had passed

A miracle empirical twice inside a day
A couple scratches a few patches lucky one they say
But feeling guilt up to the hilt why did I survive
I'm the same in life and name yet still I'm alive
Mothers morn others born and others laid to rest
To give part of my beating heart's this prayer request
Memories of those I love will just have to do
Until I kiss the ones I miss when my life is through

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