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poetic memoirs from soul searching and homelessness around Fort Collin Colorado
Unliving alies: System shame
Perspective: what is? - your career way!

Some of us have discovered our what's and why's of our (dark) lifes instinct strides so well, our ability(ies) (*even the wants and desires) to attempt to "reenter the normal standards of 'properly living' the social sequence system" can get chiseled away... our ability to function in that.

We are taught playtime 'fun' hobby happiness as youngsters -.. but when we become adults, how harshly are we shamed and disgraced for trying to make it our living game:? of bright blue skies.


Deep High!:.. Diving Alive!

Sometimes we dive so deep into ourselves

And learn each dimensional aspect

All the smashing, sliding, singing, soft lifecycles

Our souls callings from the smooth churning
dark depths of the risen sky

Understanding every personalities character

It's the coming back out again (attempt)

Expectation? - rejoining program social system(s)

But now knowing the what whys! - no interest crazy
-~* gone loopiness!? *~-
winded harmony
No yoke - bad temper explodes - your (torn) wonderhood -
your starcourse - step choice yours

Seen as loopy?.. doing what you do!

Yeah!! we're insane!?? It's our dream catch chime

Your heart and soul can bleed their world peace!! It's Alive!!


Strange on Flipsiness

~*there are trances i feel, from many an experimentium,.. we all go into sometimes,.. and we get so enveloped in the unreality of it,*~..

-~*we completely fail to realize*~- *~it is just one big karmamic illusion.~* ~Real only to the beings~ ~*which believe it so thoroughly,*~.. ~it becomes their only reality~... €and so they end up living a mazed 3rd eye projection life€... instead of their own active lives.


Tested resolutions:;.. Of new Beginnings

i have been tried and tested.
time;... & Time: again;... & again
Rovered and roaming:...
'till my conscience Through trane Glows,...
in harmonic rage

My Spirit!!

Hardly allowed... To be Rested
'Till Well after;.. The Stroke...... of MidNight!!!
... A Determination... A Resolution:.. That, Simultaneously reminds
... iS a Hope
On Belief
For moving the throttle forward,
to flight the way,... from cold, bruised, crying endings
to the warmer light,..
weighing towards bolder beginnings


Creation Fadings

~*I have seen the many faces*~
*of those with aching hearts,* ~*and faded spirits;*~;.. ~-who's lives seem to-~ ~*swirl and churl and hurl*~ -*~in endless circles... without any truthfully hard feelings of sound worldly purposes:~*-..
*Possibly lopsing in foggy shadows:*...
~a perspective lost from sight:~...
to better days of blasting laughs,...
and brilliantly lit lives; in joyous balance;...
a path.. of greatest divine life...
It is yours alone...
i suggest you feel, from the inside,...
where and how:... to go about it. As I have...
My Aqua Sun,.. & Sag Moon experience...


Namaste ~* a wilder moon

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