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Character and setting notes for the Fathouse Five.

This is the companion document for "The Fathouse Five, organized to familiarize yourself with key players and recurring locales of the story. Given the dynamic changes present in an interactive story, this is meant as reference, not doctrine, as you may encounter these characters (or plan to write them) after significant changes. Characters are organized by relation to the main cast, with an additional section about notable hotspots throughout the city.

This document experiences semi-frequent updates, check back for new developments. Message me if a character you have authored needs an updated bio or if I have missed them.

The Titular Five

The resident ladies of 8422 Fordham Avenue, a narrow multi-story townhouse at the end of the block. Gathered to split the costs of rent, one or more of the gals are the focal characters of the interactive, which sees them outgrowing the confines of the house. From bottom to top, the rooms on each floor:

Basement: Den, Laundry, Garage (to back alley)
Ground Floor: Entrance, Kitchenette, Living Room (vaulted ceiling), Storage, Back Door
1st Floor: Ixchel's Room/Office, Closet, Bathroom (shower)
2nd Floor: Audrey's Room, Reagan's Room, Phoebe's Room, Bathroom (tub, shared by twins' rooms), Uma's Room

Audrey Durant
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Starting weight: 175lbs

The oldest of the Durant sisters and de facto head of household who originally rented the townhouse. The blonde, bespectacled Audrey begrudgingly finds herself thrust into the role of 'mom' given her seniority, responsibility, and 'fuddy-duddy' old fashioned mindset compared to her modern, vicarious and free-wheeling housemates. She likes simple pleasures when she doesn't have to worry about keeping up the house or holding down multiple jobs, most notably her work as a paralegal at the Parkins & Lobelle law office. Just taller than the other housemates by a hair, Audrey has been big boned all her life and frequently ridiculed for her weight by her younger sisters.

Audrey's hair is very big and bushy, same with her physique as a rounded apple body type with moderate breasts. She tends to gain around her stomach and chest.

Reagan Durant
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 137lbs

The oldest twin by a few seconds, Reagan is the conniving and self-serving hellion of the Durant sisters who tends to cause trouble for others and herself. Coasting through an acoustical engineering degree at a local college, Reagan schemes for some extra cash or more independence but can be too rambunctious for her own good, as her lack of foresight often backfires on her. With the smoking hot looks shared by the twins, being redheads with blonde highlights, slender upper halves with perky, juicy booties and major sex appeal, Reagan can still pull off acting like Phoebe to strangers until her brash, loudmouthed tendencies shine through. Rather promiscuous, she has a string of lovers when she should rather be studying, as she loves bandying about as the hotter twin. Also keeps a junk food stash hidden about the house.

Reagan keeps her hair shoulder length or in a ponytail, eager to show off the flare of her perfect booty. As such, she does most of her gaining down bellow, with her signature ass, hips and thighs filling out.

Phoebe Durant
Significant Contributor: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Starting weight: 137lbs

The youngest twin by a few seconds, Phoebe is the bubble headed (and bubble butt-ed) baby of the family lacking in smarts compared to her looks. Attending college for acting classes to improve her prospects as a part time model and performer, Phoebe is vivacious and friendly to all she meets, if a bit lacking in emotional maturity making her far too gullible and boy crazy, often finding herself with crushes that never play out. With the smoking hot looks shared by the twins, being redheads with blonde highlights, slender upper halves with perky, juicy booties and major sex appeal, Phoebe can still pull off acting like Reagan to strangers until her naivety and natural ditziness shine through. With a tendency to value herself through her popularity and number of followers on social media, Phoebe can get herself into plenty of awkward situations.

Phoebe tends to keep her hair longer than Reagan, having a similar fashion sense showing off their shared best asset. However Phoebe is the girly-ist of the pair, growing wider and wider as weight settles in her lower half.

Ixchel Park
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 163lbs

A relative of the Durant family by marriage, Ixchel or 'Chel' is a multiracial nerd with Hispanic and Asian heritage, specifically by Mexico and Korea for her most contributing genetic influences. Closer to her similarly aged caucasian cousins than the large, multi-generational families of her ancestry, the introverted Ixchel sought to escape to the 'relative' quietness of living with four other women, although she tends to retreat from the drama that occurs in the household. Ixchel has the most stable occupation, being a programmer for a medical application company that allows her to do the majority of her work remotely from home. Although she tries to eat healthily and is an excellent cook, grown up on fusions of traditional cuisines from her background, Ixchel's weight paints an ironic subversion of her medical tech occupation. Cursed with a worse genetic lottery than even Audrey, Ixchel has a double dose of doughy physiques from her mixed, brown skinned ancestries, being moon faced and round all over. Alongside her programming she's an avid K-pop fan and gamer, frequently playing tabletop rpgs (such as her feline tabaxi rogue in D&D) and streaming video games in her spare time.

Ixchel has straight black hair and glasses, favoring dresses and comfy clothes. She tends to gain weight all over with no specific outlier in distribution, although her breasts tend to attract weight first.

Uma Ferro
Age: 25
Height: 5'10"
Starting weight: 158lbs

Uma first met Audrey in college, the sporty black athlete to the caucasian business minor, becoming vast friends after some initial strife. Showing the most fortitude in track, lacrosse and volleyball, Uma had prospects to train up to the Olympic level but fell out from her college volleyball team owing to her hedonistic, partying lifestyle at odds with her dedicated training regime. Jumping at Audrey's offer to board together again, Uma considers herself the coolest resident of 8422 Fordham (which is true) but unburdened by the family ties holding the rest of the household together (which is somewhat callous of her). As such she's mooching off the house as she's between jobs, although she tends to fare better at jobs which align with her athleticism. However, her primary drives for constant parties, great food and fun times means her skipped workouts to the point her muscled build will start erroading to a flabby figure of her former fit and toned self.

Uma alternates having her hair in dreadlocks or tight curls, sometimes bleaching out her tips. She has a stocky, voluptuous build with chiseled muscles, although loosing herself to her appetites causes unfamiliar weight to settle on her body, such as with a prominent gut.

Family & Relatives

Family to the townhouse residents.

Friends & Others

Other notable characters in the interactive, introduced outside the townhouse.

Natalie Greenway
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 27
Height: 5'8"
Starting weight: 169lbs

Natalie or 'Nat' is a savvy but manipulative club owner with many tattoos and plus-sized fashion sense. Nat lived down the hall at the dorm she shared with Audrey and Uma in their college days, to the former's obliviousness and the latter's disdain on how she would ply her culinary efforts on them. Now she runs her club to capitalize on the city's night life with her killer appetizers, taking a shine to fattening others in the townhouse along with endearing herself to her college crush. Perhaps all the way to love.

Nat has heavily styled short dark hair, tanned skin, with a nose ring and tattoos emblazoned along her shoulders and thighs. Hers is a thick, plump figure with exaggerated curves, as she tends to gain all over as a voluptuous sex despot.

Nat also appears in "Kitchen Boss; in this continuity the focus is on her shared past and relationships with the ladies of 8422 Fordham Ave, where her club is the enabling ground for their weight gain, and the potentially weighty love to come of that. You can check out her bio for the other interactive here: "Kitchen Boss Recipe Book

Darryl ??
Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 150lbs

An independently wealthy playboy, Darryl is a feeder cruising the dating apps to find fine hunnies to cater to in hopes of fattening them up. He's got good looks and cash to spare, once dating Reagan for a few weeks until they split it off. Recent shenanigans have found him reunited with Reagan, Phoebe, or even Uma to further enable their weight gain efforts.

Age: 24
Height: 5'2"
Starting weight: 159lbs

Ixchel's college friend and fellow gamer, Obsidian is a member of their D&D circle who often vents her aggressive tendencies in the game with her amazonian barbarian. A grunge music head with an embittered personality, the black haired, pale yet freckled Obie for short has distinctively oversized, misaligned front teeth lending to her raspy, severe lisp; the 's' sounds in her speech are replaced with 'th', 'z' or even 'x' sounds if she gets angry enough. A notorious junk food junkie, most of her game session submissions are gotten from the corner store snack aisle, which doesn't help her especially top-heavy build with the largest pair of breasts around for miles.

Obsidian has spiky, messy hair and a short, stocky build with large breasts. Any increased poundage shows up in her overdeveloped chest first, with belly and backside not far behind.

Age: 27
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 223lbs

A jovial nerd with a highbrow sense of humor, Wong is the clown of the gaming group with Ixchel and the others, with his D&D character of an elven warlock. Favoring brightly colored shirts, slicked back hair and thick glasses, the Chinese-Pacific Wong also has a multicultural background and predisposition towards obesity much like Ixchel, although he jokes that the females in the group wear it far better. He lives above an asian resturant from the other side of his family. He harbors an attraction towards Ixchel to maybe turn their relationship into something more.

Age: 26
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 145lbs

The soft-spoken DM of the gaming group comprised of Ixchel's college friends, who only does most of his talking when behind the DM screen but still with a terse, to the point style that keeps the emphasis on the action and building story. Much like Wong, the tall and lanky Jenson is an admirer from afar when noticing Ixchel and other female company gaining weight.

Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 23
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 146lbs

A latina dance major and college classmate of Phoebe's in the performance department, Tiana quickly became one of the twin's closest friends on campus. Unlike others who dread the freshmen 15 Tiana is proud of her full figured body and outsized rear that even eclipses Phoebe's! Her love life is closer to Reagan's in terms of a string of one night stands. She's also knowledgeable about makeup and might even follow Phoebe into alternative modeling as both chunk up.

Tiana has honeyed skin and frizzy, long brown hair with a curvaceous, bottom heavy body.

Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 23
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135lbs

A quiet lit & photography major who is one of Phoebe's closest friends on campus, Ryan has helped rescue the twin and helped her recover from the aftermath of hard drinking as Phoebe gets into the partying scene. He often finds it amusing the way Phoebe and Tiana intentionally or unintentionally compare who has the better bod and most shapely ass, although this appreciation of the larger female form later seems him working at the local office of a BBW model site.

Original Author: Keroro04
Age: 25
Height: 5'5"
Starting weight: 153lbs

A chubby, disinterested waitress at Lone Star Tavern in the waitressing game to help pay for college, having to put up with the provocative cowgirl uniforms. Attending the same college as Reagan and Phoebe, she gets closer to the older twin when she picks up a part time waitressing gig.

Kate is blonde and chunky, although with attention demanding perky breasts.

Original Author: WritingInTheVoid
Age: 34
Height: 5'3"
Starting weight: 313lbs

The style guru at +Size, a clothing boutique at the mall dedicated to helping out-set ladies feel trendy and sexy. Toni delights in acting as personal shopper for her clients, which ends up helping many of the townhouse residents as they outgrow their clothes, along with other fashion plates such as Natalie Greenway.

Toni is a huge, almost spherical woman with dull auburn hair that carries her weight in her protruding belly.

Age: 24
Height: 6'0"
Starting weight: 147lbs

The Netherlands born, cross-Scandinavian raised Fran is one of six siblings. Since coming of age she's been a lifelong backpacker across Europe. Thus, you wouldn't expect her around the vicinity of where our story takes place...although she's the hot European girlfriend Ixchel came home with after an extended vacation from her time abroad. Always up for an adventure, Fran knows several languages and is quite the chubby chaser. Unlike a recent spin in European media, she's not one for mysteries or activities that require deep thought.

Fran is tall and leggy, with muddled hair highlighted blonde. She wears colorful yet practical clothes for travel, usually with mismatched stockings.

City Hotspots

As the name suggests, a plus sized clothing boutique at the mall. What sets it apart from drab, quiet clothing joints is its pink neon lighting, plush armchairs for customers and clothing lines dedicated to let large women feel sexy and trendy. Depending on the rate of gain, it is quite easy to rack up a large tab while reaching the upper echelons of the clothing racks.

Brass Tops
A gourmet buffet with namesake brass fixtures in the decor. Brass Tops has hearty meals favored by the townhouse residents as their appetites increase, with steak ribs and seafood on the menu for a reasonable price. A favorite for feeders and feedees alike.

Flush Zone
The local waterpark that's popular in the summertime, if in need of repairs in a few attractions. A great place to cool off with well stocked concessions. Uma gets a lifeguarding job here, with a liberal use of the employee discount for said concessions.

Lone Star Tavern
A Texas themed dive bar recently opened in the city. Everything is big in Texas, as is the portions, and after some of the townhouse residents try it out the joint becomes a frequent favorite. Beauties such as Reagan and Phoebe would find that hot looks get you extra tips. However, the tavern attracts weighty females in both the staff and clientele.

An online BBW model site with its roots in the city, attracting models such as Phoebe especially as the ladies reach titanic proportions. Set in an old factory building, the upper floors are used for photo/video shoots with in-house catering, and the industrial grade elevator is helpful for the more weighty starlets. Fans of the site often commission various eating challenges befitting the food outlets across the city.

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