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Telling of the bible story as I imagine it. Matthew 25:1-13
Five wise and five foolish virgins getting ready for their Lord's wedding party.
Maybe picking out what they would wear and how to fix their hair.
The most important thing, however, was having lamps on the ready.
Lamps filled with oil to lead their way to the party.
We must have trimmed wicks and oil for our lamps.
We must be prepared for our Lord's wedding party.
We must have working lamps to lead the way to the party they did say.
The wise did just that and had plenty of oil for that day.
The foolish only had a little not knowing their Lord's coming would be delayed.
Who knows why maybe they spent more money on their dresses.
The virgins were all dressed and waiting.
The wise and the foolish fell fast asleep while waiting.
The foolish lights burnt out in the night.
Late in the midnight hour, their Lord came.
The foolish begged of the wise share their oil.
Share for our lamps are empty because we only brought a little.
The wise said we can not for fear we might be late for our date.
We can not for fear we will not have enough for us.
We fear we will not have enough to light our way.
Go and buy oil from those that do sell it in the marketplace.
The foolish went their way to buy oil.
They had a time finding their way in the darkest of night.
Their Lord bid the wise in and the feast began.
The foolish came later and were told they couldn't get in.
Be prepared my dear friend because you do not know when your Lord cometh.
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