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The Daily Poem: Wdc Birthday Edition - 10 Syllable 60 line Poem
         Prompt: Your favorite fictional character suddenly finds themselves transported
to the real world. What happens next?

         My favorite fictional character
         Suddenly found himself transported to
         The real world. What happens next is that he
         Awoke to find a new dimension of
         People acting in a different sort
         Of way; they just invented a gadget
         That would travel anywhere you wanted
         To go. It would get you there in no time
         At all. The interesting thing about
         This, is that there's no problem with jet lag.

         On this particular jet, there's no need
         To worry about motion sickness; the
         Nauseous feeling one usually gets
         Is non-existent. Instead, the feeling
         Is remarkable. Riding in comfort
         Takes him to a place where distractions are
         Not a problem. Full of peaceful thoughts that
         Produce a glorious masterpiece of
         Wonders, you're in a relaxed state of mind.
         The magnificent beauty of the soul,

         Refreshing as it is, the mood is now
         Set for more exciting adventures.
         The jet will streamline (make simple or
         More efficient) a transparency (made
         Visible by a light behind it), that
         Would reunite lovers in a very
         Romantic way. For instance, the soft light
         Will strike up beautiful memories of
         Youthfulness that you've once shared together.
         Ah, yes, the fountain of youth is restored.

         Mickey Mouse, my favorite fictional
         Character, the one who says, "Here I am
         To save the day", finds a real world that is
         Full of surprises, wonder, fandangoes,
         And fantastical (extravagantly
         Fanciful), existing only in the
         Imagination, is a marvelous
         Existence of enjoyment that will last
         And last. So, settle down and take the time
         For the love to shine forth its element.

         A dream-filled paradise paves the way for
         A real world; a real world apart from the
         Extremities (extreme adversity)
         Left behind in an environment that
         Was hostile. Modern technology
         Transmits certain vibes (sensations) to
         A mind that evolves around everything;
         That's friendly, loving, and kind. This is what
         A world without war would look like. People
         Would be happier not living in hate.

         In summation, Mickey Mouse found himself
         Transported from a world of hate into
         The real world; the real world where love exists.
         Finding a gadget like this kind of jet,
         Gets you to where you want to go in a
         Short period of time, without motion
         Sickness, the nauseating feeling that
         You get while on a jet. Welcome to
         The real world and enjoy the comforts of
         Tranquility, love, joy, peace and friendship.

         Written By Anna Marie Carlson
         Thursday, September 3, 2020

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