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My pet dachshund gets spoilt rotten on his birthday

My name's Merry. I'm a very lucky black and caramel coloured long-haired dachshund because against the odds I made it to 14 years old this year. Back in 2012 I lost the use of my back legs due to a spine injury. Since then I've been whizzing around in my special doggy wheelchair. I'm a jolly little fellow and always living life to the full. Last week I went on a five and a half mile trek through a beautiful Welsh woodland, my record longest distance walk since my accident. I still wanted to play with my ball afterwards. This is the story of the wonderful time I had on my 14th Birthday.


I knew something was afoot the day before. My Mummy decorated the corner of her room where my dog bed is with pretty bunting swags. Then she spent hours creating fourteen watercolour pictures of me to put on a board on the wall. I have one picture for each year of my life. I looked at the mini pictures in surprise, recognising myself when she showed me them.

The day of my party dawned. I got out of my bed dancing with my front paws, exciting as always for another day. This day was especially exciting. It was my birthday!

I licked my younger sister Muffin good morning when I spotted her. Muffin is a silver dapple dachshund whose fur means she's excellent camouflage for hiding in the dappled woodland shade watching squirrels. As a special treat me and Muffin drank some goats milk with our breakfast.

Things took a downturn as Mummy decided I needed a bath so that I looked nice for my birthday photos. I soon dried off sitting in the warm sun in the garden whilst Mummy picked flowers to decorate my party table. She also collected some cherries as these are one of my favourite foods. I sit under the tree when I smell there are some ripe cherries and look up at her to ask her to pick some and take the stones out before I eat them.

I awoke from snoozing in the sun feeling ready for some party games. I played with my blue ball that has dog biscuits hidden inside, manically chasing it about the room. Next I watched intently as my Mummy made doggy carrot pupcakes. She put the grated carrot and egg mixture into cupcake cases and topped them with cheese for Muffin and yummy slithers of cucumber and strawberries for me.

I went for a walk and had my photo taken sat amongst some pretty wildflowers in the garden. To my dismay the sky turned slate coloured and I heard distant thunder rumble. I was pleased to get back inside. I managed to relax despite the thunder as I was given some doggy reiki whilst listening to pet calming music. Ironically the video includes pictures of cats, which shouldn't be suitable for a calming video for dogs. Like most dogs worth their salt I want to charge into the garden and see off any feline intruders that I spot.

For my birthday tea my Mummy brought in a cake stand laden with pupcakes and a dog design party bowl with some cherries and peas. Muffin and I played with our dog activity board looking for pieces of the pupcakes hidden inside. Muffin is so delicate when she lifts the flaps to find the hidden treats, I prefer to boldly shove the flaps aside.

To my astonishment I found my old dog bed had vanished. In its place was a beautiful cosy teepee den lined with a soft fleece blanket adorned with pictures of dachshunds. In front of my new bed spread a picnic blanket with my party guests - my favourite squeaky chicken toys and soft toys! Muffin was straight in my new bed before I had chance. I can see I'll have to share it with my sister.

I rounded off the day by watching some videos of celebrity dachshunds Crusoe, Oakley and Daphne. Finally I nodded off in my snug new bed dreaming of my amazing Birthday party.

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