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by Jeff
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Redaction poetry. Daily Poem contest entry.
Didn't win (but received Honorable Mention) for "The Not-So-Daily Poem

POET'S NOTE: When I originally took on this challenge, I missed the part about only using the first four paragraphs and ended up doing a redaction poem for the entire article. Some of my favorite redactions occurred later in the poem, so I revised it to fit the contest requirements. I ended up liking the full version better, so I'm featuring that one and putting the condensed contest entry version below for those who would like to read it.



A dancer enters into a corporeal conversation,
metallic ghungroo around his ankles,
jingling as he moves.

The idyllic scene,
hitherto backwards-angled,
slowly pulling away.

Lights hanging over the stage flicker.

“This is not war. It is the ending of the world.”

Floating ethereal despair of what is to come.

The imminent descent into chaos.

This is Xenos.

The aim is to make a forgotten past.
For a few moments, the colonial oppressor,
too difficult for a long-disintegrated suffering,
demanding our pity.

The trench exudes a spectral quality
as it whispers filth.

Many know of the terrors.

I am watching a life lived between two worlds.
The difficulties are ephemeral.
It lacks the familiarity of words.
It requires language that is vicariously felt.

He transforms into a killing machine.
A destroyer of other bodies,
his own mutilated by discipline
and commodification.

A painful purity.

An emotional honesty.

I am inconsolable.

Such an exquisite beauty.

I am left breathless.

Lines: 31
Form: Redaction Poetry  

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