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by dangal
Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2232098
Sometimes time must run out
"You remember the screw driver?" Said Rolly still holding his hand out waiting for it.
Rasmussen looked him straight in the eyes with his far away gaze which made Rolly feel a stir in the bottom of his stomach. "What did you say before?"
"Pass the screw driver?" Rolly scratched his chin confused.
"No, no before that."
"Time is running out?"
"Yes that!" Rasmussen stood up placing his laptop to the side. He started walking back and forth. Rolly was in the floor of the ship, one hand holding the rail which held the time warper and the screw that was supposed to hold it. The other hand was reaching for the screw driver. He warped his fingers trying to 'use the force', but of course the force didn't exist.
"Ha!" Rasmussen exclaimed. "It's crazy. We have been running time, when all we needed was to let it run out."
"Let it run out?" Said Rolly, "But the time warper, which will not work without the screw driver, runs on a set amount of time."
"That's what they all think you see? They also think it would explode if the time runs out, because it always does explode. And explode it will if it gets to zero which is too great an amount of energy. But! If it fragments then it can continue into infinity and that means light speed you see?"
"You're a genius Ras." Said Rolly.
"Thank you." Bowed Rasmussen.
"Now pass the screw driver genius." Said Rolly.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2232098-Time-run-out