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This is a bleak September
still the keeper of time
makes my watch tick
the room is empty
my will is empty
my phone is silent
I don't have candy
my toes hurt
thoughts don't come easily
but coffee still makes me smile

I'd like my things to sparkle
but I'm lazy
labor is not appealing
my grass grows tall
neighbors mow it out of pity
my soft bed sags from overuse
My heart is weak
I feel weird
Like I have two brains
one is dead and the other struggles

my car is a trellis
for vines to grow
there's a nest of mice
in piles of unopened mail
my closet is inaccessible
I need a shower
who am I?
I know I'm human
I know I'm male
and live in the Midwest

I don't know but
I think it smells like a dog in here
I have dizzy spells and I enjoy them
almost as much as drugs
I'm old and poor
my toes hurt
my fingers hurt
I'm hungry and thirsty
I don't know why I live
I only know that I do

40 Lines

Prompt words: September, shower, smile, soft, sparkle

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