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I made peace with my fate. But, was it really justice--or was it me all along?
The regal woman in the mall called out, "Why won't you vilify them?" She pointed to the monitor, showing the news. "Why won't you stop them?"

The crowd stopped and stared, mouths agape.

She raised her arm in feeble protest. "They are doing what I did."

A compassionate woman shared her sad gaze for a time, then shrugged and turned away.

One by one she looked into people's eyes.

In turn, each looked away.

Finally, she stumbled against the wall and collapsed. She mumbled to her lap, "But, they're doing what I did."

In seconds, the people by the far wall began to move. Within minutes, as if nobody of note sat there in disgrace, people once again marched through her personal space.

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