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I changed the title of this story and rewrote it. I'm hoping that you'll like it.
         Augmentation in fortitude will flourish. This means that greater courage in pain or adversity would be successful. Something like this would be ideal. In a time when bedlam runs amuck in a society, when military force is used, people are afraid of a leader who has the power to destroy them. During a peaceful protest, chances are that you could be pepper sprayed, have someone break into your house, be shot (which usually ends up in death), or having your place of business set on fire, is likely to be done by violent protesters.

         Feelings of devastation comes about because the thought of getting your business back together is overwhelming, so overwhelming, in fact, that this isn't likely to happen; the expense is so high that you can't afford to do that. It's often said that one needs to pick themselves up and start over. I say that you need to picture yourself in a place where you'd like to go; this could even be a fantasy of your own choosing. You can determine how to get there by using your creative imagination. By picturing your fantasy as a reality, you can make it evolve into a degree of mysterious developments. Nothing would sequester the fantasy if you would make the reality explicable. The trigger to oblivion happens when the encounters block the mirror image of reality. Behind the scenes of the fantasy, a vaporizing machine would reduce these encounters to zilch.

         Having the impression that everything was going to be perfect, a fantasy world would have no flaws and perfection would be well maintained with dignity and beauty.

         Resulting in love, to adore a brilliant commencement for a lasting relationship, embellishment would be manifested.

         Everlasting wonders would fill the sky with a wide array of patterns, which would magnificently beautify the scenery with a display of rainbows; this would be a sign that loving friendships and relationships would begin to blossom.

         With mutual understanding, commitments of glorious splendor would extrapolate moments that are closely knitted. In the beholder's eyes, when fortitude is present, rationalization is the freshest greenery that you get.

         A kaleidosopic enthusiasm would prevail in a peaceful demonstration, instilling a presence that would produce a spectrum of masterful thoughts. Partaking in a conversation that would leave tranquility in your mind, the right kind of attitude would transform an iridescent type of valor; the fluorescence of the light would last forever.

         Virtues that re simplistic in divination, would determine a specification for a mindset. A quietude of thankfulness is pursued by the serenity it inspires.

         To circulate an effect of gratitude, spectacular wonderments of existence would indicate a circumstantial expectation of respectability.

         If you wipe away the lack of courage, to be an effective person at will, you need to flourish in augmentation of fortitude, by putting courage back together in a positive way.

         Written By Anna Marie Carlson
         Friday, September 24, 2020

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