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The Lighthouse Short Story Contest entry. My many blessings in one day God gifted to me.
My life drastically changed when I broke up a serious fight between four dogs.

God protected me from life-threatening injuries, three dogs from serious injuries, and the foster dog from death. Severe bites were inflicted upon the foster dog which required veterinary care for about 5 weeks.

Counting my blessings means counting each day I am able to enjoy life and take care of the dogs and the other animals.
As }c:grape}I count my blessings for this day I am in awe and very thankful for all that God has done and given to me. He saved me and the dogs from a worse fate. I count my blessings daily but to share all of them would take more than a few pages of writing and probably turn into a novel.

My knowledge of dog psychology and training experience is a blessing and a lifesaver. From infancy to adulthood, dogs have been a part of my life, and their companionship on my homestead today has allowed me to handle many challenging situations. This dog fight is the worst experience I've encountered.

A very important blessing and skill from God is my ability to remain calm and assertive during different stressful and challenging situations especially the adrenalin rush kind, like this dog fight. God kept fear and other negative emotions far from me allowing me to concentrate and control the situation.

I was at war fighting for my safety and the life of the foster dog. Pack mentality because of survival instinct requires the pack to correct a dog that has weak energy like being unsure, fearful, and other negative reactions to the environment. Pack survival dictates that there is a leader and there are followers but no dog with weak energy. These weak energy dogs are subject to the wrath of the lead dog and then the rest of the pack. If they are not able to change their way of being they are either runoff, or the pack converges upon them and kills them. Dogs don't think about options, they react. Understanding the natural survival rules of nature within the dog park allows me to take the leader position and break the focus of dogs in any circumstances.

When the fight broke out I did not hesitate to assert my leadership and break up the fight. Briefly thinking about being bit in the face because I use a wheelchair for mobility and my face was closer to the floor than it would have been standing up was something I immediately pushed out of my mind. Another issue was that I wasn’t able to quickly get out of the way for safety. My goal was to get the pack dogs off the foster dog and put her into a crate for her safety. Once I accomplished this very difficult task and she was no longer a threat to pack survival and not part of the pack and inaccessible, the pack would clam down and there would no longer be any attempts to attack the foster dog.

My laser focus made it possible for me to get each dog according to ferociousness and position away from the fight. The first dog understood and respected my demand for her to leave the fight. The next dog who was intent and focused on the task, the leader in her mind needed to see me as a leader and want to stop fighting, but she kept returning to the fight. I heightened my efforts to remove her by using my thoughts and energy more intently to make her move away and stay away from the fight. The third dog flipped a switch into kill mode with extremely focused ferocity and astounding fierce intent. She was the most determined and difficult dog to stop. Leaning over the foster dog deliberately and carefully, because I had no other way to reach the aggressor I worked very intently to get her to stop shaking and holding the foster dog's head with an iron-clad grip. Using every technique and every bit of assertive energy I had I still needed to blast this energy and my intent so that this last dog understood and respected my leadership. Unaware of time. I was exhausted yet determined to keep going for as long as necessary. Barely able to move, I got her off the foster dog and finally the foster dog safely into a crate.

After the dogs were isolated I evaluated my situation. Numb, seeing blood splattered all over the place, blood dripping off my elbow, gasping for air, and exhausted, I struggled to get to the phone. God blessed me with the strength to call my friend for help. The damage to me and the foster dog was extensive and severe. I didn't feel anything and probably for a while, neither did the foster dog.

My friend helped me prevent serious infection by using many essential oils, some conventional medicine, Many bandage changes, and close inspections. God the great physician took care of me which made a huge positive difference in the healing process. Relief swept through me after I got over the initial adrenalin rush and had everyone calm and safe. Everyone survived which was a miracle the day these events erupted into a major war.

My wrist and thumb are still recovering and other injuries added to the cost of my actions but they were minor and healed quickly.
I count my blessings and all of the blessings throughout my life as very, very precious gifts from God. Daily I think about and count my blessings no matter the size, shape, or expectations. My hope is that you are able to count your blessings regularly.

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