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Impressions from the waning of the year

Autumn Ebbing

Crispy morning nose
nipping out scents and spores
in the molded mulch of Autumn.

Swept embers of lowering sun
lightly warn a cheeky look,
defiantly open faced
in the barren glare of Autumn.

Crackling leaves complain
from trodden garden paths,
fiery reds and yellows
smoking the skies of Autumn.

Shocked, the reaping fields arise
standing watch on shadows bright,
orange haunted stoops display
the October prize of Autumn.

Cold-hearted rain falling back,
long evenings linger drawn
to ironic grates of flame
that log the nights of Autumn.

Now members missing home
flurry down the icy ruts,
pack over-sweltered rooms,
gobbling grateful all, for Autumn.

Bleak the chilled outlook cries,
keening winds whip barely fallen branches
and mourn the demise of Autumn

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