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by Leslie
Rated: E · Chapter · Fanfiction · #2232936
Chapter one (Jason x oc)
Chapter one: No memories

EVEN BEFORE SHE WAS ATTACKED, Lena Stones was having a weird day.
One of her best friends was claiming he didn't remember her or their other two friends, Leo Valdez and Piper McLean. It was disheartening considering she had been crushing on him for months and was finally working up the courage to tell him. Lena made eye contact with Piper, silently asking what we should do.
"Maybe we should tell coach Hedge…" Piper stated uncertainty, with good reason. Coach Hedge was someone who would rather knock someone's head in with his trusty bat than anything else.
Leo must have thought so too as he snorted in amusement. "Yeah, right. He'd try to fix Jason by whacking him upside the head."
"He's right, pipes. But what should we do?" Lena asked, looking at Jason as though he was a puzzle she had to piece together. He flushed under her intense gaze. "You really don't remember anything?"
He shook his head, desperation clear on his face. "I really don't know what to say to make you all believe me, but I have no clue where I am or who you all are." He was being truthful.
"Yo, Piper." Dylan dropped back to join them as the group was heading into the museum. He wedged himself between Jason and Piper and knocked Leo down. "Don't talk to these bottom-feeders. You're my partner, remember? And don't worry Lena, I haven't forgotten you princess. You're welcome to join us." He said with a wink.
Lena felt Jason tense beside her at his words, she was glad he stood blocking Dylan from her. "No thank you." She said wrinkling her nose.
"Go away, Dylan," Piper mumbled. "I didn't ask to work with you."
"Ah, that's no way to be. This is your lucky day!" Dylan hooked his arm through hers and dragged her through the museum entrance, not before throwing at wink at Lena who cringed.
Lena helped Leo off the ground and he brushed himself off. "I hate that guy." He said turning to Lena with a playful leering smirk. "I'm Dylan. I'm so cool, I want to date myself, but I can't figure out how! You want to date me instead? You're so lucky!" Lena giggled.
"Leo," Jason said, "you're weird."
"Yeah, you tell me that a lot." Leo grinned. "But if you don't remember me, that means I can reuse all my old jokes. Come on!"
Lena giggled, shaking her head as she followed the two boys, Leo in the lead dragging a poor Jason around.

Lena watched curiously as Leo kept pulling out nuts, bolts, and pipe cleaners from the pockets of his army jacket and putting them together, like he had to keep his hands busy at all times. She really wondered how he kept all that in small places.
Her jaw clenched as she noticed some of the girls looking over at Piper and Dylan and snickering. They looked stupid wearing matching jeans, pink tops, and a face full of makeup they'd pass off clowns.
Isabel, the self-proclaimed leader or the popular group, said, "Hey, Piper, does your tribe run this place? Do you get in free if you do a rain dance?"
The other girls laughed. Even Dylan, the moron was suppressing a smile. Lena could tell from a mile away that Piper was trying to contain her anger, probably clenching her fists underneath her jacket sleeves.
"My dad's Cherokee," she said. "Not Hualapai. 'Course, you'd need a few brain cells to know the difference, Isabel."
Isabel widened her eyes in mock surprise, so that she looked like an owl with a makeup addiction. "Oh' sorry! Was your mom in this tribe? Oh, that's right. You never knew your mom.
Piper attempted to charge, but the coach intervened before a fight could break out. "Enough back there! Set a good example or I'll break out my baseball bat!" He barked.
Though the group continued making snide remarks, Piper tried ignoring them. Lena stood tall, murderous anger boiling in her, she wouldn't forget this. As Lena walked by Isabel, she bumped her shoulder hard enough to cause her to stumble.
"Watch it, you weirdo!" She shrieked. Lena saw from the corner of her eye that Leo was holding Jason back. It sent a surge of warmth through her, that despite the memory loss he was still trying to protect her. Not that she needed protection, of course.
"Oops, sorry Isabel. Didn't see you there, maybe you shouldn't try to clash so many colors together. It's quite an eyesore. Stai lontano dalla mia strada." She said in a sickeningly sweet voice, a charming smile on her beautiful face.
To Lena's complete surprise, Isabel merely nodded with a dazed out look on her face. She blinked before walking away, not noticing similar looks on the other students. She made her way back to Jason and Leo, smiling at Piper when she gave her an appreciative look.
"What was that, beauty queen? And what did you say?" Leo questioned, amazement clear on his face.
Lena blushed a light pink, causing her to look endearing to Jason. "I merely told her to stay out of my way."
Jason peered curiously at her. "You speak another language?"
Withholding a sigh, she nodded. She had almost forgotten Jason's amnesia. "Yeah, my native tongue is Italian, can you not tell by the accent?" She giggled.
Jason flushed, realizing that yes, she had a very noticeable accent. It contrasted her perfectly.
They reached the far end of the exhibit hall, where some big glass doors led out to a terrace.
"All right, cupcakes," Coach Hedge announced. "You are about to see the Grand Canyon. Try not to break it. The Skywalker can hold the weight of seventy jumbo jets, so you featherweight should be safe out there. If possible, try to avoid pushing each other over the edge, as that would cause me extra paperwork."
Lena snorted quietly to herself that, Coach had been pretty eccentric since the beginning of the school semester. Honestly, this wasn't too surprising.
The coach opened the doors, and they all stepped outside. The Grand Canyon spread before them, live and in person. Extending over the edge was a horseshoe-shaped walkway made of glass, so you could see right through it.
"Wow," Lena murmured. "It's breathtakingly beautiful.
"Man," Leo said. "That's pretty wicked."

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