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Writer's Cramp Poem Due 9/26/20
20 Lines

This poem was written for "The Writer's Cramp. Here is the prompt:

Write your story or poem about walking in the woods and seeing an animal that you've (or your character has) never seen before.

Nutria Rodeo

Walking in the forest glen,
a sight soon met my eyes
I thought I was hallucinating
Imagination flies!

A rat as big as a dog
was there in front of me!
Something was amiss in these woods,
my feet told me to flee!

There was an air about this creature,
he wore a cowboy hat
he had a certain Cajun swagger
much larger than a cat

The giant rodent snorted
and looked me up and down,
as if to say, "what's up?" to me
I answered with my frown

Away from his bayou home,
the dapper nutria was lost
I pointed in the right direction
Friendship formed when our paths crossed


A nutria is a large mouse like rodent that can be found in Louisiana
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