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birthday party with a twist
Lilli, Jolahn, and Jody were all invited to the birthday party for Sophie, my dog. It was her 2 6/7th birthday, in dog years she was twenty. Yeah, I know pretty obsessive to hold birthday parties every 1/7th of the year, but I wanted to spoil her. She's my baby. I literally bottle-fed and pottied her when she was a baby. She would have died so every day she lives is like a miracle.

Lilli was on time and taking full advantage of the coffee bar. Jolahn was caught in traffic and Jody had called from her plane she had been rerouted to Detroit. Sophie didn't care that two-thirds of her party wasn't here. She was fully focused on the disk of dog food I had sculpted into a cake for her. We have been through this a few times she knew what to expect. First, she would tear apart boxes to get at the squeaking things inside. Then I would present her with her cake and she would wolf it down indelicately.

I like to socialize her which is why I invite different humans to each of her parties. Not to mention most of my friends tend to lose their excitement about them after one or two, and this was the twentieth. While Sophie wasn't disappointed I was. They were the part of the party for me.

I was fairly disappointed since Lilli was focused on the coffee bar and was texting frantically. The other two hadn't gotten there yet. Heck, Jody might not even make it. I fiddled with the stack of presents, they were wrapped in newspaper. Sophie wasn't particular about her wrapping paper she just enjoyed shredding it. My phone pinged and I checked the messages. Jolahn had a flat tire and there was a waiting list to get on a plane to Lincoln. They weren't going to get here.

I sighed. "Hey, Lilli, Sophie, present time." Sophie wagged at me and trotted over to the pile and dove in nose-first. She picked the biggest one and began tearing the paper away. It was a little machine that would throw a tennis ball for Sophie and she could reload it by dropping the ball into the top. Then it would launch it again. I thought it was a particularly cool present, but Sophie just saw a box. She abandoned it and went to the next present.

"Hey, Sophie, why don't you wait just one minute. Pam, why don't you get the door?" Lilli said with a mischievous smile. Sophie ignored her and continued unwrapping presents. I just stood there until I heard the doorbell.

Surprised, I went to the door. I opened it and Jody, Johlan and half a dozen other people stood there clutching balloons, and brightly wrapped boxes. Perplexed, I stepped out of the way for them to come inside. Jody planted a bakery box next to Sophie's cake. The others began a pile of gifts on the other end of the table.

"What's going on?"

Lilli chuckled, "Present time!" I started to hand one of the presents on the table to Sophie. "No, silly, it is for you."

"For me? It's Sophie's birthday!" I protested.

Jody laughed, "That's not what this cake says." She opened the bakery box and pulled out a chocolate cake with the words, "Happy Birthday Pam," written on it.

I stumbled around in my brain. It wasn't my birthday was it? Wait, I looked at the calendar. I had circled it as Sophie's 2 6/7ths birthday but sure enough, it was mine. How could I forget my own birthday? Maybe it was in all the counting and calculating to get hers right...

"But why would you let me think you weren't coming?"

"The cake wasn't ready and we had to go to four stores to get all the balloons we had to stall," Jolahn stated.

"Thank you all, so much this is the best birthday."

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