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A new recruit gets tested on his first day
"1898114189210118931081894108189511118961191897111189910819001001891104" read the screen.
Albert leaned forward looking at the screen through the glasses at the edge of his nose. It was his first day here and they put him to watch the alien communication screen.

Roger loomed over him from behind. "What does it mean recruit?" He asked.

Albert was startled and looked back seeing Security Manager Roger Blackfield looming over his shoulder. He felt puke rise in his throat. "I don't know what it means." He swallowed hard.

"Sir." Corrected Roger.

"Sir." Repeated Albert.

"Well if you don't know what it means then why in hell did we hire you Recruit? Ten minutes to decipher the message or hand me a letter of resignation."

"Relax Albert." He spoke to himself. Sweat started beading across his forehead. Three minutes went by with him just staring blankly at the message. His legs felt weak. "Just decipher it like a normal human message. What else can I do."

Well it wasn't a long string so albert looked at it trying to find repeating numbers. He quickly spotted the 189 everywhere so he removed it.

The number next to the 189 was strange. It seemed like an index except it was in the wrong order in some places so he re arranged it. Also he noticed a 1900 so he removed that as well putting it at the end.

"104101108108111119111114108100" He looked at it for a moment then slapped his hand across his forehead. He quickly scribbled something on a piece of paper and almost ran through the open space on his way to Blackfield's office slapping the piece of paper that read: "hello world".

Blackfied stood angrily going past him out the door. "Who did this?!" He yelled.

Albert heard random snickers everywhere. He was beginning to like this place.

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