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An alphabet acrostic about an animal birthday party. Pet News Contest entry.
Alligator came from the swamp
Bison announced himself with a stomp
Centipede arrived on hundreds of legs
Duck got there early along with all of her eggs
Elephant was ready to party
Frog let out a burp that was hearty
Guinea Pig was rather quite nervous
Hedgehog was happy to be of service
Iguana dropped out
Jaguar’s attendance was in doubt
Koala was sick
Lemur brought a chick
Manatee came to swim
Narwhal went with him
Ocelot wanted cake
Platypus preferred steak
Quail cheerp cheerily
Rattlesnake eyed Quail eerily
Skunk sang a song
Turtle warbled along
Unicorn was wired
Vicuna retired
Wombat rounded up the crew
Xeme bid them all adieu
Yak stayed after to play
Zebra had the best birthday!

Line Count: 26
Prompt: Write about a birthday party for a pet. Any pet is acceptable: real or imagined, traditional or non-traditional. Human or pet point of view is acceptable. Things to consider: who is invited? Not invited? What kind of activities are planned? What goes wrong? Was there any drama? Be creative! Have fun with this. Entertain me. Make me laugh, tug on my heartstrings.
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