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Being a preferred author at Writing.com
Being a YELLOW case!

What does it mean to be a yellow case, a preferred author?

*Bullet* positive involvement within the community of Writing.Com
*Bullet* positive interaction with other members on Writing.Com
*Bullet* quality of items in portfolio denoted by ratings and reviews given by other members
*Bullet* a minimum of 50 quality reviews sent to other members
*Bullet* reviews must be given to a variety of other members
*Bullet* must be 13 years of age or older
*Bullet* at least 5 rateable items displayed publicly in portfolio
*Bullet* quantity and quality of their item ratings
*Bullet* accuracy of content ratings in portfolio
*Bullet* quantity of ratings sent to other authors' items
*Bullet* quantity of other authors who have been rated by member
*Bullet* must be a Writing.Com member for at least six months
*Bullet* variety of items in portfolio
*Bullet* accuracy of personal and demographic account information
*Bullet* technical understanding of Writing.Com's site features. 1

I was picked a yellow case in May 2017. Very proud I was and over the moon. Still am. Every yellow case is experiencing this because partly you don’t see it coming. It’s always such a surprise!

Yellow cases can nominate writers anonymously by filling out the form on the preferred author's forum, a special forum. Yes, there are perks! Remember the next time you come across an awesome black case that deserves that extra attention.

Me? I am still very proud to be a yellow case. I am not chicken enough to tell everybody who wants to hear. There’s nothing better than being a dignified member of Writing.com! I love it here!



1  "Promotion to Preferred Authorby SMs

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