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Just a fiction story about what could happen to our world if things go really wrong.
We as Americans are in the not too distant future now and we are not the most powerful country in the world anymore. As a matter of fact, we are more like a secondary or third world country. We are struggling to survive and not fall even further down the food chain so to speak. Let's back up and tell a little back story of just how all this came to be. Well, it was 2020 and we were in an election year and in the middle of a pandemic as well. The days leading up to the election were filled with much drama and the politicians on both sides were acting more like rodeo clowns than politicians. The pandemic was spreading more and more out of control and no one seemed to know how to stop it or even slow it down. Yet they opened up the schools and the business as if things were normal and the pandemic was no big deal really. That was a big mistake because soon the virus started spreading in the schools like wildfire and then the kids brought it home, then from there, it went out into the neighborhoods. The more people caught the bug the more our government downplayed it, then there was more than 1/3 of American's with this virus. There also was no real help in sight because any real vaccine didn't seem to work because they were so many new strands to this virus.

Then on top of that our overseas enemies were plotting all along to take us down or out even in a pandemic. Our enemies and one country that supposedly we had called friend teamed up to take us down. Our President at the time was real friendly with this country, They however were just waiting to get the drop on us. They were only playing nice because they knew at the time they couldn't beat us or get the upper hand. It was the day before New Year's Eve, we all woke up to a terror in the night. The alert was going off on every phone and every tv was sounding an alert as well. It was like one am what in the world was going on? I looked at my phone it read we are under attack repeat, we are under attack. If you can get to a basement or the lowest level of your home please do so. Go seek shelter outside your home only if it's safe or you don't have shelter in your home. We are under a chemical attack from our enemies, they have placed it seems small chemical bombs in every major city in these United States. You are not safe I repeat you are not safe seek shelter.

I was shocked well, not completely but a little. America's time had come it seemed, I knew that without a strong God presence in a country we would be like so many that fail by the wayside. There were a few still turning to God but for the most part, many were not.
As a whole we were too busy trying to elect our next President, trying to get back to normal, trying to get back the things we had lost during the pandemic. Talking to God for the most part we were not. These things we were doing weren't really bad but if you aren't really seeking God then it's a problem. We are to first seek his Kingdom and his righteousness and then all other things will be added unto us. Even after things got as bad as they did and the bombs went off still many wouldn't repent. We hid in bunkers and basements and stuff for months. The Army and The National Guard would either drop food and water by plane or bring it to your door if it was safe. They were all donned in gas masks and suits that looked like suits you would walk on the moon in, this was so strange. Many of us haven't seen our loved ones that lived far away in about 6-8 months. We barely get to talk to them only 2-3 times a month and only for 15 minutes or less because most of the towers to make our phones work aren't working properly anymore. The enemy attacked again while we were in hiding and broke down or scrambled the signal of many of our towers. The officials also say they need to keep the lines clear for official business.

Finally, our government got everything under control well for the most part. Most of our enemies that were hiding right in our country many of them were rounded up and shot on the spot. The ones that were not in our country and overseas we dropped our own bombs on them. The army had stopped like ten bombs from going off and had dumped another 5 or 6 into the smaller lakes and or streams to go off there. That meant the water was no longer safe to drink in those spots and the creatures living in them died. Our greatest minds and scientists had found a way to slowly clear and clean the air. We had to stay put for another month or two then we were allowed to come out but we all had to wear gas masks and moon-type suits. We were not allowed to open any windows or leave open any doors. We could only come out and stay out for an hour or two at a time. We had to have tickets for food and we had to stand in great long lines. You would only get enough food for your family size and then only enough for a week or two. You would be given another ticket for the next time when you picked up your food. No ticket, no food period the people in charge wouldn't listen to anyone trying to explain why they don't have their ticket. Although if there's any food left after everyone has gotten theirs then they will let those without tickets come back and get the leftovers. Many times there is very little to nothing left-over and when it is something left it's not too good to eat.

There are always bullies though that would try and sell the left-overs or take them home for themselves. There is only martial law now and so much of the time it's like every man for himself. We are made to work in the greenhouse to grow food or in the sweatshops to make clothes and toiletries'. The rest of us normal folk make furniture in the few warehouses that haven't been turned into hospitals or homeless shelters. We do get paid but only about 7 bucks an hour and the government officials get first pick on everything from food to clothes to furniture. No one has a car anymore unless you work for the government or just happen to be rich. We don't seem to need cars any way we spend most of our days working. We do still have public transportation well on every day but Sunday and any major Holidays. The government runs everything else the schools, shelters, hospitals, etc. Everyone 18 and up has to work 10-12 hour shifts 6 days a week unless you are sick or hurt. If you don't do your shift then you will get less food that week when you stand in line, the officials mark your card with a big red X which means you get less food that week. If you are 8-17 years of age you have to be learning one of the trades so that when you turn 18 you can start working. If you are under 8 you are in school for half a day getting taught whatever they are teaching in schools today. Mostly how the new way of life is what's best for everyone and how we all must obey and of course who our enemies are. The rest of their day is spent cooking and cleaning and getting ready for the next day. The older children learning a trade are sent home around 4 or 5 pm to join the smaller children and to help cook and clean and prepare for the next day. Lights have to be out during the work-week in everyone's house by no later than nine pm and everyone has to be up by at least six am. On Saturday's it's lights out by ten and up by seven am. We all have to gather in the town-squares or a warehouse and hear from our government officials for like an hour or more about any pressing issues and to be properly brainwashed and reminded that this new way is right for all. You can only work for the government or be in the armed services like the Army if you are one of the rich. You can also be considered if you or one of your family members were already in government or armed services. These men and women are hand-picked by our President and his staff. No one really knows how or why these folks are picked other than they have money.

So that is how our down-fall stared we are now in 2026 and our world looks much, much different. We are allowed to have church services as long as a government official can set in on the service. You can't speak against the government and you can't say Christ hardily at all now during the service. They say this is because Jesus divides people and or makes people angry. There are what we call underground churches but if they are found out the church is locked up or burn to the ground and the members are locked up for months at a time. Sometimes they come home beaten and much smaller than when they left but no one seems to know why or so they say. Our children have little to no time to play now because they are always busy being taught about our new way of life or helping around the house. I sure miss God, I sure miss the old way of life too. I only see my son maybe two or three times a year because the train-fare is almost a whole week's wage. I think that's to discourage a whole lot of travel that can't be overseen by the officials. They can't watch everyone that wants to come and go from city to city and state to state hat -easily. There is almost no travel overseas for any reason now and who could afford it anyway, all those wanting to go overseas have to ask months in advance and have to fill out a form stating the detailed reason, how long you plan to stay, and if it's business or not. The officials are so afraid of another attack or that maybe some will start a revolt. They don't say that but I know it's true because they try and watch our every move now. If we are out of our homes we are watched. If we stay in our homes too long even some officials will come knocking on the door asking lots of questions. If they don't like your answers your home can and will be searched. For what they are looking for I don't know? I guess they looking for proof that you are loyal or more likely that you aren't. One only knows what they do to you if they think you are not that only happened a few times and the folks just disappeared without a trace. No one knows what happens to the folks and no one says a word about them ever again. If you do say anything then you are given a even longer work shift or jailed for a week or two so most get the hint to drop it. Well, I have to go the man is knocking on my door.

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