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Smiling and energized I stood tall and confident as he waited for the time to reveal the greatest plans for the town to its’ citizens.

Remembering that fateful day very clearly sends chills up my spine because it is one of the worst days of my life. Believing everything would be well received I didn't hesitate to announce all of the plans. Knowing then what I know now I would have declined to reveal everything the plan would be working for me and my friends and everything would be fantastic!

The crowd was the usual vast sea of people except for the extra folks who weren’t interested in attending conferences. Pausing to assess these new attendees, I wondered what they were thinking. Swallowing hard and clearing my throat I prepared to share this wonderful news.

“My fellow citizens I am very pleased to announce to you the very best and wonderful plans for our fine town. It is all about you and for your benefit. It is the most modern and with the newest technology. We will have the best of the best for everyone. You will be safe and the crime rates will drop dramatically."

My enthusiasm drained as the crowd started shouting and rushing forward to the podium. Clinching my fists and starting to run, I was whisked away by security in a direction unfavorable for viewing the events/ I broke away and managed to find a place where I could witness the ensuing riot. My jaw tight, my heart pounding, and my head aching was enough to drive me to desire going to the hospital yet I had to stay and see what happened.

The crowd went wild. Destroying everything in its’ path as if a tsunami was rampaging. Using whatever could be found, clubs, tire irons, items they broke, stones, and other building materials made me wince and groan inside. I felt this personally and physically because my body seemed to be pounded and stomped on as the town was systematically destroyed. This plan was close o my heart and alive waiting for me to nurture it and keep it alive. Nothing was spared their rage and their hate-fueled demolition of the town. They ravage everything seeming to thrive on the experience. Fires, explosions, and even lives were savagely destroyed which shook me as I shuddered to see the town demolished, people laying in the streets, and vehicles ablaze. Hiding above the battlefield able to view everywhere as I flew from one end of town to the other I was sickened by the sight and grabbed a barf bag. Quivering and stunned I realized that I could be killed which caused more retching and then my stomach was empty. Feeling faint and hurting it seemed I had had enough but the plans were so important that I had to keep going.

The town had enough also because there was nothing left. People had no reason to continue their raging batter and were headed to the neighboring town. Fear and despair gripped me because they might release their rage onto this town. I could only hope that the police and other law enforcement organizations would be able to handle this traitorous mod of people.

Gulping and feeling like rubber I decided to fly to my retreat and regroup, but upon my arrival, I saw the huge ablaze eating away at my favorite and precious compound. My security and peace were sadly and ruthlessly stolen from me, I had to make them pay for this hateful act against me.

Groaning when I saw the sight of everything shattered as I almost fell out of my seat, I realized that I was a target. Running away was my only option. For this special and necessary plan to be realized, I took my privet jet to another state. I had to succeed even if it took years and meant finding other people to help me get this accomplished. Many more thoughts ran through my head while I flew toward my objective, but the sights of that day embedded themselves into my mind and still haunt me.

My nightmares and night sweats' are regular companions. I don't look like me anymore, I still look over my shoulder. Strangers can be dangerous. A hitman is trying to wipe me out. My main focus in spite of all of this is to get the world changed one town at a time and eventually the entire world will be as it should be the way we planned.

The town is a ghost town, flat and dusty, black and desolate. There seems to be something I can't quite describe, like an invisible shield that repels people, animals, and even objects. Someday it will be time to unveil the plans in another town only this time we will be more careful about how and when we do this. My small group of helpers is diligently working toward this goal.

The technology and plans are still hidden in the mountains. Soon we will get all our hard work and share it with certain people who will leak these plans in an exciting and wonderful fashion so nobody suspects the reality of the marvelous plans instore for the future.

What the future holds for humanity I do not know in exact detail, but I know it will be advantageous for everyone, it will be something they will want it will be our creation. We will guide them in the direction they should go, we will.

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