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I have lost a lot of friends in the last few years & this is me questioning why.
There is a sound no one can hear
But for me, it's loud and clear
Expectations don't come for free
Disappointment sucks when you are me

I hear it everywhere I go
My ears prick up and then I know
Silence is its own reward
But way too loud when I'm ignored

Rest assured I'm not deceased
There would have been a press release
My own funeral I'd attend
My own eulogy I'd have penned

Saying, “I'm not dead, just overlooked”
My social life is undercooked
I'll call you...you won't call me
Check your diary if you're free

I don't know why I'm on the nose
Is anyone willing to disclose?
Silence is the loudest sound
Celibate rifles on the battleground

Should I pretend that I don't care?
Act as if I'm unaware?
Pretending and acting aren't my thing
Confrontation in full swing

Bring it all to a head
I may smell bad, but I ain't dead
Whispers quietly deafen me
I'm no longer your cup of tea

Would be sad...got mad instead
When I think about it, I see red
You can all go and jump
I'm lovelorn, but not a chump

What could I gain...what is my hope?
Of putting you under the microscope
That quiet shrug, an act so smug
Sweep me under your proverbial rug

There I'll gather like a lump
Slow down for the speed bump
Deal with me or walk away
Don't keep me near for a rainy day

It's sad to think I've become a chore
Looking back on how we were before
For my part, I apologise
For bringing about our demise

I wish you all the very best
For the time we had, I feel blessed
I never meant to cause you pain
One more link in the daisy chain

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