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Rated: E · Poetry · Nature · #2234613
Word Prompt: kettle, blanket, cabin, branches, lake, windowpane, sleet, crackling
I inhaled the fresh scent of dawn,
as I strolled along the shores of Lake Wobegon
listing to the sounds of autumn.

A blanket of fog
lay low over the water concealing
the Isles of Healing.

A gentle breeze
caressed the branches
of old growth trees,
that created the Forest of Enchantments.

I came to a cobble stone path--
leading out of the forest,
and ending at the water's edge--
whose sleet covered stones shone
with a light all their own.

I stepped onto the path,
walked under the forest canopy,
and paused to listen
to a distant crackling,
like laughter echoing,
through the forest.

I continued my journey
until I came to a clearing,
in the center of which stood a cabin,
with a robin
perched on its porch.

I stepped onto the porch,
looked through its cracked windowpane
and saw a fire in the hearth
warming steaming kettle
of broth.

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