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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2234622
Screams contest entry 10/9/2020
Organ donor OR Blood bath OR Covid-19

“Why don’t you take a bath?”

I was at the end of my robe but didn’t know how far I had slid and slipped into the depths of the Covid-19 imprisonment and mental torment of well..dealing with my roommate. My thoughts ran wild as I got ready to spend more time doing nothing and going nowhere. Frustrated and angry wasn't exactly how I wanted to feel. I wanted to be excited, energized, and have a good time for a change.

“hurry up will ya, I need to use the bathroom too! And…KaLEEN THE TUB or i'ole be really angry!”

“Are you done yet?” Waiting, waiting, waiting!
“You better not stink!” It’s enough to gag a maggot.

My mouth went agape when I saw my roommate sparkling clean and well… … …displaying the birthday suit like it was his best wedding outfit. Close inspection brought a nice spice filling my nostrils. My spirit leaped with joy and my heart sang because this was going to be absolutely wonderful. I had something to look forward to and I relished every second of my dream for the near future.

“it’s about time I had a human sharing this place with me.”

“You, my dear should be more respectful.”

“When you respect my wishes, I’ll consider respecting you, maybe.”

My needs were few but I really insisted upon cleanliness and no stench. Hating this situation made me more irritable than usual, but I managed to control my irritation, clam down, and convince me that a little longer would alright to wait for what I so desired.

“You should throw away your horrible and excessive irritability and disdain for whatever displeases you.”

“It’s my turn for the bathroom and don’t ya bother me either! Le’me lone!”

Smiling and dancing to the bathroom I was more than ready to enjoy my beauty bath. The water singing as it rushed out of the spigot, swirling and bubbling, and mesmerizing brought my intense attention to the details of my morning activities. Knowing I would soon be hugged by warm inviting water was tingly, sparkly, reassuring, and exciting in a clam way. Anticipating cozy closeness with the warm water caressing my body I imagined was like heaven with all of its splendor.

“Where’s the milk? I want my breakfast what’d ya do with da milk!”

“DRAT! Don’t interrupt me! I need to relax…and clean up your mess!”

Break my luxury will you, I won’t have it, I won’t! After my bath, I intend to get this annoyance out of here so I can have peace and quiet Covid quarantine, or not.

“Don’t forget to brush your teeth. You don’t want cavities!”

“breakfast first! I need something!”

Ok, ok, I’ll feed you. I’ll whip up som’en special fo’ ya. You’ll luv’ dis stuff.”

My smile glowed and stayed glued to my face. Organ meat in red sauce was my favorite. Smart thinking essence would bring out the flavor and thoughts would stay within the membrane. What a wonderful delight! Electric sensations roamed throughout my every nerve and my muscles jumped in a delightful cadence as I salivated. Sucking in slobber I added a bit of butt fat for a crispy and crunchy meal made for royalty.

“Breakfast, com’en get it!”

“Yum, this is good.”

“After breakfast brush your teeth and I mean it! I need to take care of you.”

I waited impatiently to rush in and…well, no rush he can brush his teeth, much nicer that way.
Unable to contain me any longer, I dashed to the bathroom door threw it opened, and …

The tub was warm and soothing with red sauce covering all of me. I forget how the red sauce felt. I was comforted by the slick stickiness. and I enjoyed rehearsing the events and methods which were easy and delightful to accomplish especially working with this one. I would have enough food for breakfast and not need to share it with anyone.

“Oh, the feel and wonders of enjoying a blood bath!”

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